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May 27, 2011 07:55 AM

Where to buy herb plants in Toronto

This year I want to grow Ancho Poblanos, cumin, paprkia, and cilantro in my yard. I tried to grow my herbs from seed and sadly they didn't work out and most died or never germinated. Does anyone know of a garden center that might carry these plants? I have tried the big box store and they only seem to have the common spices along with Jalenpenos and cayenne peppers.


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  1. Cilantro is easy. Check the archives for poblanos--someone recently claimed plants were available(?) somewhere in the GTA. Anchos? No dice. For seeds, try Richter's for next year. Do some research on germination/cultivation--it's not impossible. Humber Nursery might be worth a trip.

    1. Richter's has potted pepper plants: habenero, Thai chili, cayenne, and jalepeno.
      If you can't find cilantro, you could root the leaves or layer them until roots formed.

      Goodwood Rd, Uxbridge, ON L9P, CA

      1. Yes? Hi! They have the garden store on the Gerrard east of the parliament that had the habanero's and all the other good peppers. No one has the jolokia or the Trinidad Scorpion (hotter than the jolokia). Vashi is now making the super parmageddon wings with the Trinidad Scoprion that is the hottest ever.