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May 27, 2011 07:15 AM

Where to eat next weekend? SoMa; w/ and w/o baby

My husband, 10-month old, and I are visiting San Francisco for the first time next weekend. We are very excited about the trip. I am looking for suggestions for a fun restaurant for Saturday night, when we will have a babysitter and will be going out with friends. A fun atmosphere would be best. Also, I'd love suggestions of places with great food that we could bring the baby to. We plan on having early dinners, since she goes to bed at around 7pm EST (not sure what will happen over there), but we'd love to try some of the great places SF has to offer. If any restaurants fit this bill but are not near our hotel, I'd be interested in that too if they are near other places we'd likely be visiting around town. They baby is an adventurous eater, so no need to think about specific foods she could eat. Thanks in advance!

One more thing that I just thought of. We are planning NOT to being a car seat. We will be there from Sat morning until Tues evening and just figured that we would be able to get everywhere we woudl need to go on public transportation. Please let me know if you think we'll be missing out by not being able to take a taxi anywhere.

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