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May 27, 2011 05:47 AM

Pizza in Portland, ME -Flatbread Company?

From my research, I am thinking this might be the best place to get a nice pizza in Portland. Thoughts? I'm going to need to eat cheap while staying at the Marriott, and I'm now looking for little places that are inexpensive and within walking distance where I can get a nice healthy meal. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance Maine chowhounds!

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  1. I love Flatbread and my family goes there all the time, but for knock-your-socks-off pizza I would probably send you to Otto, and the new one on the East End is easily walkable from the Marriott:

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      The mushroom, bacon and vidalia look scrumptious!! I'll give that a go also. Thanks!

    2. Flatbread is an excellent choice, not just for the pizza but for its location right on the water. Of the pizza places in town, it probably has the best bar. It's a hippy-dippy place with all organic offerings. Hasn't been getting its due because of a few other options:

      Otto 2 is just a short walk up the hill to Congress St. Much has been written about Otto on these pages. Otto 2 also has a bar - beer and wine - and is a pretty cool spot. If you want to keep it to pizza, a must stop is Micucci's on India St - real close to the hotel - for a "slab" of pizza. There's a process to getting a slab - first you must go to the back of the store (it's an Italian grocery store) up the stairs. It's a soup-Nazi(esk) experience as you wait in line for the next batch of slabs to come out. They are very meticulous about updating their little sign showing how long the wait is. You will be rewarded with a large slab of Sicilian pizza with a thick doughy (the guy IS a baker first) crust and a wonderful sweet sauce with just a little cheese. Do not ask for anything special. In fact, do not even speak in line. Just wait patiently and enjoy (actually, they're very nice people but the wait has evolved to be what it is).

      Other non-pizza cheep eats nearby include Duckfat (also talked about at length on these pages) and near Otto, you have Silly's and Tu Casa. And of course, there's Standard Bakery across Commercial St. from Flatbread (at the rear of a parking lot). Everything there is very good. The perfect inexpensive breakfast option. Lots of options. Enjoy!

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        Great info! Thanks so much. I will have loads of fun exploring these places. Micucci's sounds like an experience not to be missed. I appreciate your tips on protocol, too.

      2. I remember the days when I would pick up a movie on VHS at Videoport, peruse the racks at Bull Moose Music, and bring home to my Munjoy Hill apartment a small pepperoni pie from Anthony's.

        And if by chance you find yourself wandering the Old Port streets at 1am after a long night of boozin', queue up with the other like minded folk at Bill's Pizza. A rite of passage.

        However, I wouldn't be caught dead there any other time....when I have full control of my faculties.

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          Thanks, midcoastmaineiac. I certainly wouldn't put it past me to find myself wandering around the Old Port streets after 1:00am so I appreciate the tip....and warning.

          Old Port Cafe
          111 Main St, Winterport, ME 04496