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Maggi seasoning?

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Does anyone know a store that reliably stocks the Maggi seasoning sauce? The closer to Cambridge, the better...

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  1. there was a thread a while with some suggestions


    1. Most Asian markets carry it

      1. Karls Sausage Kitchen in Saugus carries the small bottles and the HUGE bottles.

        1. Most of the Viet markets on Dot Ave carry it..

          1. I bought it recently at the Somerville Market Basket, but I only saw the teensy bottles.

            1. Most of the Armenian stores on Mt Auburn Street in Watertown carry it regularly.

              1. any asian market should have it. small bottles and large bottles

                1. The smokehouse in norwell had it the other day. But, like I said befor, almost all Asian groceries have it.

                  1. Maggi is a brand that is produced locally all over the world with variation to local tastes. Asian stores in Dorchester carried Swiss version (~$14), French version (~25), Chinese version (~$7), Polish version (~$12).