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May 27, 2011 04:22 AM

Cheapest Steaks and Ground Beef in TO

I need to buy a lot of steaks and ground beef next month and am trying to find the cheapest source. I don't need organic or high-dollar butcher meat, I just need it to be safe to eat lol.

I know friends in California always talk about how cheap they get pretty good meats at Latin markets and such - does anyone know where in Toronto I would go? Any specific Chinatown grocery or something?


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  1. The Asian markets are the cheapest, but many of them have no disclosure of grade or provenance.

    How many steaks? How many lb. ground beef? You may need a large reliable source with Canada AAA at a low price, such as T&T or Costco. This will cost about the same as Grade A or Select at No Frills.

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      Costco is hard to beat on quality/price. T&T can be iffy.

    2. I find the Portuguese butchers pretty cheap.

      Nasso Talho on Dundas at Dovercourt, (check out the special on Steak)

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      1. re: Benniep

        i second the portuguese butcher,

        Have eaten meat from there before and its good.

        Also a 2nd location on bloor

        1. re: Benniep

          Thanks Benniep!

          We went to Nosso Talho yesterday (Dundas location, since we live along Dundas Streetcar Route) and loaded up! Great prices! $6.99 for the T-Bones, $6.65 per 7lbs of ground beef (buy 5lbs get 2lbs free), and while we weren't planning on ribs, we couldn't pass up those MEATY back ribs for $3.97/lb. We always go out for ribs because usually Montana's costs the same as buying ribs at the grocery store without the hassles - but at <$14 for a rack that puts any restaurant to shame, it was totally worth it!

          1. re: runjumpcatch

            $3.97 for back ribs is about the average so not really cheap. You can find it on sale some times for $2.99.

            For the price and quality it is hard to beat Costco. Try the rib steak it is way better than striploin - more tasty and tender.

        2. Have you considered buying a whole cow? I have heard stories being able to buy the whole animal and the farm(?) will grind it up for you. I have never met anyone who has experience with this though.

          1. Ritght now, Metro has strip loin steaks on sale for $6.99/lb. which is a better price than Costco's everyday price. Don't know if you have enough freezer space to buy in advance though.

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            1. re: tuttebene

              The Metro strip loins are Canada "AA", one grade below "AAA".

              1. re: jayt90

                You can usually find some good steaks if you dig through them! ;) I found some hard to pass up rib steaks at a No Frills sale the other week too.

                I usually buy whole striploins at Costco and portion myself, but, you can find good meat at grocery store sales if you know what you're looking for.

                1. re: Dr Butcher

                  I bought an entire lamb at a halal butcher not too long ago. They had some fairly intact cow carcasses (cleaned, of course), ready to cut to order. People were having steaks cut, taking huge bone-in portions and having some cuts ground as per their specification. We had our lamb butchered to our specification and even had 1 lb of impeccably fresh ground leg for raw kibbee, which we ate that night. I'm sure the butchers would be happy to discuss the provenance of their meats, though I can't say whether they age meat on site or carry anything better or worse than average. I only know that the meat is 100% halal. I'm quite happy with the lamb we bought, though it being an Ontario lamb raised in the vague vicinity, I wish it had more of the gaminess of New Zealand lamb. I was really surprised at how small the shanks were and how gentle the flavour was, more like veal than lamb ... but some people really prefer that. I haven't yet bought beef from that butcher, but would definitely do so, especially to have cuts I've chosen ground for burgers, etc. I will say this: the price was right! Buying an entire lamb gave me tons of lamb (cheaper and expensive cuts) for what seemed to me to be a great price. When I look at whole leg of lamb in the grocery store, the $40-50 price tag is a turn-off, after having paid $250 for the entire animal which will provide many meals and probably last us an entire year.

              2. Has anyone tried the butcher shop affiliated with the slaughterhouses on Rogers Road? It has that trailer, no middleman look that would suggest minimal retail influence. I can't vouch, as I've just driven curiously by.