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May 26, 2011 09:25 PM

Reno - Sak N Save makes their own corn tortillas and chips

We had been buying freshly made corn tortillas at King Ranch Market but, when they changed hands a few months ago, they deemed them too labor intensive and stopped making them. Thankfully one of their employees told us that the Sak N Save at 80 and Oddie makes theirs. We've been buying them ever since and they're very good. About a dollar for four dozen. I divide them into fourths and they freeze great. Yesterday we checked the Sak N Save by Costco on Plumb Lane and they have them also. They'e made at the Oddie location but are brought in fresh. I recommend them highly ---- but still buy everything else at King Ranch Market/MarketOn :)

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  1. The produce at the Oddie store is the best in town. They have the best variety, quality is good and the prices are very good.They beat the pants off of the major markets around town.

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      Agree, as is King Ranch Market. Except for things like arugula that I can't get at those places, it's where we buy most of our produce. Reminds me I need to roast some poblanos I got there (once the snow stops, that is!)