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Feb 17, 2006 06:24 PM

Marco's Trattoria

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I'm going here tonight for a dinner with a group of friends. Any suggestions? Ratings?

it's marco's trattoria in west hollywood

Marco's Trattoria
8136 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 650-2771

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  1. Their pizza crust is awful. I think they're using all-purpose flour, one with very little gluten, or they're not working the dough at all. It just had no toothiness to it. The fact that, underneath, it was barely browned didn't help any. It reminded me of this soft thick Armenian flatbread I buy sometimes, and I'll bet you anything it's the same dough they use for their garlic-parmesan focaccia, which came to the table with a sort of tomato bruschetta salsa that was pretty decent.

    What was on top (I ordered the large plain cheese) wasn't exceptionally bad or exceptionally good. Apparently their pizza comes in thin, medium, and thick-crusted varieties, and I had the medium, but assuming it's the same dough all three ways, I can't imagine the other gauges being much of an improvement. Also, I tried to imagine what it would be like if I had asked for it to be cooked more "well-done" (this is a oft-recommended solution for other places you read about on chowhound), but the shortness of the dough just didn't seem like it would get better if it got toastier, and attempts to simulate this at home on the leftover slices hasn't really done much to dissuade me.

    I can't speak to the quality of the pasta dishes. My dining companion had spaghetti carbonara that came to the table kind of on the pasty side, not freely flowing as I understand it's traditionally supposed to be. But cream-sauce pasta dishes in restaurants are usually disappointing in that regard, I guess. I remember Batali or someone saying you have to serve and eat carbonara within five minutes of the pasta leaving the water or it's pointless.

    The italian dressing was overly sweetened and there was too much of it, so if you get the insalata mista, I'd recommend asking for the dressing on the side.

    The service was good, though, and the place was busy, so someone in WeHo must think it's all right.

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      chicken pesto sandwich was good. So is the parm.

    2. i just heard a rumor that they are opening a brand new small marcos across the street in west hollywood and closing the older location.. i also heard that they are bringing in a hot shot new chef and not doing just basic italian anymore...