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May 26, 2011 06:17 PM

Santorini food, dining and wine

My husband and I are going to Santorini in September. We love the high end foodie experience, but for this leg of our trip we're not looking for the fanciest dining experience ( after
Santorini we go to Venice (yum)). I'd like recommendations about where to go for the freshest, most authentic food, with an emphasis on local ingredients and food. We'll be renting a house in Oia, but will be renting a car. Would love some ideas for: authentic tavernas/Greek food, seafood - Ammoudi Bay restaurants, other restaurants that make Santorini worth the trip, and greek wines and wineries, and overall great dining experiences. Thanks!

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  1. I suggest you go to and look up restaurants in Santorini- the reviews there are really helpful

    my favorites restaurants in Santorini based on what you are looking for is Roka and Tis Pandoras in Ammoudi Bay.