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May 26, 2011 05:06 PM

Lemonade Brentwood is now open

Lemonade opened yesterday and I was in for lunch today. It is a bright, very cheerful looking space. Saw lots of students from the various private schools in the area taking lunch to go. There are lots of folks behind the counter, offering tastes of anything you wish. Wonderful, very fresh selection of salads. I tasted a few of the braises. Not all were palate pleasers, but I suspect that is more a matter of personal taste. For example, I did not care for the miso short ribs. The chicken chili was good and the beef stroganoff was excellent. For a restaurant which has only been open for two days, they seemed remarkably well organized. Lemonade will definitely make it in this location. Nothing like it nearby. The food is tasty, prices are fair, service is quick and seating seems about right.
Location is directly across the street from The Brentwood, on Barrington, just south of Sunset.
Hours are 11:00-9:05 (not a typo, that is what it says on the door). They sell wine in addition to lemonade.

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  1. The experience was the same when the Venice location opened on Abbot Kinney and Venice. They have the business model down to a science in a good way, and I'm never unhappy if Lemonade is where we are eating or doing take out. Their banana layer cake is good, so if you like bananas, save room for dessert.

    1. I went today too. When I was there there was like 5-6 people behind the counter and only one person serving...and having to explain to the people in line how to samples also held up the line..was standing there for a good 5 minutes with 2-3 people in front of me.

      Had the Coq Au Vin, but I didn't really like it. It was ok...just too light...almost soupish. Salads were ok the variety and the price isn't too bad at all.

      Its really too bad they don't validate for the big free parking lot at the current time...that was kind of odd. I had to go into Starbucks and buy something to get a stamp.

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        Well, my goodness, I am glad that they had so many people behind the counter explaining how to order, It can be confusing. Moreover, I am also pleased that they were so generous with their samples. I sampled the Coq au Vin and decided not to order it. Glad I got to sample it first. I did hear the cashier that they will be validating in the big lot. Just not set up yet. All in all, I think they did a great job considering this was only their second day.

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          They now validate for the big lot across the street. The restaurant appears to be a phenomenal success.

        2. Construction has begun and a sign is up for a new Lemonade location in Manhattan Beach at the Mextlox Center off Manhattan Beach Blvd 3 blocks from the pier. It is taking over two retail stores and will have outdoor patio seating, They hope to be open by sometime early this summer, Nice.