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May 26, 2011 04:04 PM


I have learned how to make very good rice from "STIR FRYING TO THE SKY'S EDGE" & was wondering if I should keep that bulky pot around or just send it on to the thrift shop? Does anybody use it to make other things besides rice? I am in one of those "purging" modes & just want to simplify my life, but maybe I shall see if you all can talk me into keeping it a while longer? I am wishy washy that way & can be convinced of anything at the drop of a hat, you all know how it goes with those gut wrenching feelings when it comes down to letting things go. I simply must find more room in my kitchen somewhere though. Please help, I am standing here with it & explaining to it that it is time to move on, & it is pleading with me, "no wait, the chowhound people will come up with something else I can be useful for". What's a girl to do??????

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  1. My rice cooker is big and when I make a potful of rice I can supply myself for weeks of hasty meals. If I use converted (parboiled) rice it freezes nicely---grains don't mash together---do not try this with basmati. I put the cooked rice in plastic sandwich bags, portion size, and freeze it. Very, very convenient. For that reason alone I would hold onto a rice cooker. I guess it depends too on how often you want rice for dinner.

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      You are absolutely right in deciding how often you want rice for dinner. Being that I will never cook for more than 4 people (except for Thanksgiving & Christmas), I think it is wise for me to just make a batch of rice for a couple of meals & call it good. For folks that have a larger family, I think your idea is fantastic for putting in sandwich bags. Your comments are appreciated by us all.

    2. I bought a rice maker before I got the guts to use my pressure cooker. The rice cooker is toast! I can make amazing, amazing rice in minutes vs. waiting 40+ minutes for brown rice to cook. Not going back!

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        Oh cool. How long do you cook the brown rice under pressure? And I assume you use the same amount of water as if you were cooking it normally...

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          about 12 minutes!! I know, so short!
          I do brown basmati rice, btw ;-)

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          I have not tried brown rice in the cooker. Must do that before we part ways. Thank you.

        3. I'm here to tell you that I make a lot of rice and have only ever used a regular pan. If you don't use it anymore, get rid of it!

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            Christy319, you are a girl after my heart....I am thinking along the same lines, but as I said before, that cooker is really squacking about that. I really think it would be happier in a larger family though. So for now, it sounds like he will be heading for a happy hunting ground.

            1. re: inaplasticcup

              Gosh, that was a real firm statement, yes, I think I will do excactly that. Also, I just noticed that someone is talking about rice baked in the to go check that out. Thanks, you just pushed me over the edge.

            2. My rice cooker is the awesomest rice cooker! It will cook brown rice, white rice, slow cook, cook on a timer, quick cook, bake bread, bake cake...all at the most perfect temperature because it has fuzzy logic so it will cook the perfect rice at any altitude. To be honest, I spent a bit more on this gadget because I eat rice often and I just have to press two buttons--one to select and one to start.

              If I didn't use it, I'd probably give it to a family member who would want it.