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May 26, 2011 03:30 PM

Grocery Outlet May 2011

Boursin garlic & herb 99¢
Carr's water crackers $1
S&W black beans, big can, $1.29
Straus non-fat yogurt, $1.49
Pet evaporated milk, 79¢
Oscar Meyer bacon, natural cure, $2.49
Mexican coke in bottles, 89¢

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    1. re: dordogne

      I saw the Straus yogurt at Oakland this weekend.

    2. Niman Ranch Fearless Beef Franks, 12oz/$1.99 - Oakland

      1. :Where did you see the Carr's? They did not have them at Williams San Jose or Berkeley.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Those items were all purchased at the Salinas store, outside the Bay Area, but I thought they might be available at local GO's.

        2. Oakland, May 28:

          99 cents -- 11.75 oz bottle of AgaLife Organic Agave Syrup (different from the one they've had for a while, which they still had at $2.49)

          $2.49 -- Sharffenberger baking bits (6 oz) both the 62 percent and the 70 percent

          99 cents -- Nature's Supreme pure fine sea salt (16 oz.) I bought it because it says "derived from the sea at San Francisco Bay)

          $2.99 -- Nonna's biscotti, 8 count box, various flavors (I bought the triple chocolate and they're delicious)

          $1.99 -- Edy's fruit bars creamy coconut

          $1.99 -- Soy Delicious "mini bars" in lemonade and mango flavors; also lemonade in a pint container

          99 cents -- FoodClub unflavored gelatin, 8 0z box, 32 envelopes

          $1.99 -- El Aguila tortilla chips -- very thin and crisp

          50 cents -- Annabelle's Rocky Road Supreme Dark Chocolate Mocha -- these were good at 99 cents, at 50 cents they're almost irresistible.

          $1.49 -- Olson Organics apricot jam (7.85 oz.)

          99 cents -- La Vie pastilles, 2 oz. tin (lemon, raspberry, orange and mixed)

          99 cents -- Skippy creamy peanutbutter -- small jar, I think it was 16 oz. they also had Peter Pan

          $2.49 -- Spring Hill Bacon -- this is my favorite supermarket bacon, price has gone up since I started buying it at GO, but still good for the money.

          79 cents -- Natural Choice organic "shells and white cheddar" (aka boxed mac n cheese)

          $1.49 -- Straus yogurt, pints, both plain and maple

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Which of the North Bay stores have the best (and largest) selection of wine: Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, or Petaluma?

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Also at Oakland:

              99 cents EuroFresh Farms Roma plum tomatoes on the vine, "one-pound" (I weighed one package when I got home and it was well over a pound) package. "Pesticide free" product of USA (the company address is in Arizona, so I assume they're hothouse grown down there). I bought the identical tomatoes last weekend at Berkeley Bowl for $1.19 -- not a huge difference, just a comparison. I usually don't find produce to be worth buying at GO: the quality is often not great and the prices aren't outstanding, but these were in perfect condition.

              Berkeley Bowl
              2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

            2. San Jose:
              Bahlsen Choco Leibniz (those square German cookies with a dark chocolate slab attached) .99
              Pacific Beef Broth .99/ 32 oz
              Kalahari Rooibos teas 1.99/ 20 tea bag box (The Earl Grey one is great Located above frozen foods!)
              Lots of gelato flavors like hazelnut chocolate, coconut, almond chocolate etc 2.99
              No interesting yogurts -- only yoplait lite