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Annapolis - Cheap, Good Eats

Looking for fun, cheap, dive...or not eats in Annapolis.

Specialty Annapolis food? Such as Captn Crunch Waffles and Chaps Pit Beef in B'more -

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner ideas? Crab?

Never been before - enlighten me?

Chaps Pit Beef
5801 Pulaski Hwy Ste 1, Baltimore, MD 21205

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  1. Try the Amish Market they have good cheap eats its open on Thur-Fri 8-6:30pm and Sat 8- 3pm I think

    1. Any specific part of Annapolis? There are some decent cheap eats, but not as much in the historic area. I love Punk's Grill at the mall (cheap eats are relative, their sandwiches/salads etc may be more than the competition, but it's clearly cheaper than a more formal restaurant). Really everything there is outstanding, including their great Cheesburgers, salads and picnic style sides. They also have a really great beer program, including just installing a draft system, and releasing their first jointly made beer. Also at the mall, I do also like Nando's Peri-Peri quite a bit, but there might be different opinions out there.

      I like Las Delicias for Salvadorean food - papusas, stews, etc. and there are two decent Taquerias in town, Serrano and Juquilita. Chris' Charcoal pit is a decent greek dive, and if you really want Pit Beef, Pit Boys is probably your best bet. As already mentioned, the Amish market is great for snacking...soft preztels, baked goods, fried chicken, etc. In addition, breakfast there at their restaurant is great, but try to hit it on Thursday or Friday due to the long Saturday lines. Bagels And... is another good breakfast source, but only if your coming from a bagel deficient location (i.e. not New York) - it's better than the other options around here at least.

      Downtown, the Freshfarm market on Sunday is nice to walk through, and can be followed by breakfast at Chick & Ruth's. Unfortunately, the market house is a shell so you won't get that experience (although I'm not sure if Atwater's is still in there or not). I also do like Sophie's Crepe's for a nice little waterfront snack. For ice cream, I avoid Storm Bros., which has a great location but used commercial ice cream, and walk up Main St. to the Annapolis Ice Cream Co. which makes their own, usually involving Oreos. If you want to eat downtown, Joss for sushi is probably the best food option. You could also grab an outdoor tables at Pusser's...it's a great place to sit on a nice day right on the water of Ego Alley. The food, however, is best described as passable. You could also just go for drinks.

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        Also try the Annapolis Seafood Market off Route 2

      2. Meat-eaters in my life say the Crofton volunteer FD's pit beef is far better than anything else available locally. They normally set up in front of the FD on Saturdays. Check their website for dates/locations: http://arundelfire.com/

        1. The shopping center across from the stadium (Taylor Ave) has Naval Bagels which are decent and an Italian place which has a wide variety of good pizzas.

          Also, Joss Sushi on main street has reasonably priced lunch specials.

          Naval Bagels
          609 Taylor Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401

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            Peanut butter ice cream at Storm Bros. I've been dreaming about it ever since I had it.

          2. Bella Italia in W. Annapolis a couple doors down from Grauls. Very good thin crust pizza. Most of the menu is better than average for a family style Italian place.

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              Ah, that was the name of the Italian I couldn't remember. Excellent pizza, large portions. Homestyle Italian - yum.

            2. Mexican Cafe (just reopened, haven't tried new locale)
              Crush Wine Bar (the snacks were as good as the wine)

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                Mexican Cafe is still cranking out some authentic mexican in new location.

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                  Wow, no kidding, Mexican. Any dishes to recommend?

              2. You have great recs above, I would add:
                Sammy's Deli and the Big Cheese for sandwiches.
                Regina's in West Annapolis for breakfast and German style food.
                El Toro Bravo is pretty good for cheap Mexican too and right on West St.
                There was a great hole in the wall Mexican place right by Muddy Paw Wash called like Taqueria Juquilita, haven't been in about a year, but I used to love it.
                Eggsellence for breakfast.
                I also love the little Italian market by Whole Foods that has been there forever, forget the name...

                El Toro Bravo
                50 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401

                The Big Cheese
                47 Randall St, Annapolis, MD 21401

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                  ktmoomau - the Italian Deli across the road from Whole Paycheck is Giolitti's. Good stuff.


                  I second Regina's in West Annapolis for breakfast.

                2. Great stuff. Sorry for the delayed response. We are staying historic and don't want to drive anywhere.

                  I suppose pit beef will be a must. Any other musts sandwich or meal-wise while we are there? Specifics -

                  for example - what to get special at Sammy's Deli, the Big Cheese or Chick and Ruth that I can't get elsewhere?

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                    If you don' t want to drive, then Pit Beef is out. What can't you get elsewhere...nothing, really. Cheap eats are just not that great in that area. But my favorites, for the area, are Sophie's crepes, maybe a milkshake and deli sandwich at Chick and Ruths, the Sunday Farmers market, the view at Pussers, decent food and a nice long walk to Boatyard Bar and Grill (I like the salad with the soft-shell crab).

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                      Boatyard Bar and Grill in Eastport has a "Blue Crab Sandwich" that I've never seen anywhere else. And it's darned good. It is made with lump crab, in a mix with artichokes, spinach, and Parmesan cheese, topped with tomato and melted cheddar on a ciabatta.

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                        Downtown you can also get a good crabcake sandwich. I like the ones at McGarvey's or Galway Bay. I also really like Potato Valley, but it has limited hours I think lunch only on Sat and closed Sun.

                        Sammy's is just a good deli sandwich shop. I forget which sandwich I used to normally get, but they had lots of veggies available for on your sandwich like shredded carrots and sprouts and etc.

                        It is terrible what happened to the marketplace.

                        Also City Dock has good coffee and muffins.

                        Potato Valley Cafe
                        47 State Cir, Annapolis, MD 21401

                      2. This thread makes me miss the Market House all over again.

                        Fresh shucked oysters, fried chicken and potato wedges.

                        What a mess the city has made of that space.

                        1. Trip is coming up soon. Thanks for the help.

                          Any other must eats?

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                            If you like Vietnamese I highly recommend Viet Thai Paradise on 2625 Riva Rd.

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                              Unless you live near more authentic Vietnamese or Thai restuarants, in which case you will be very disappointed.

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                                I guess my experience was different from yours its a inexpensive lunch and change from most menus in the Annapolis area

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                                  Okay, so now it's May of 2012, and I'm looking for some real food in Annapolis, and this will be my first visit. I like everything -- seafood, food of all nations, I'm an omnivore. The only things I really HATE are yuppie chow and tourist chow in the 60-pound bags, because I live in a tourist nabe in NYC for many years. So, lay it on me: what's the real deal in Annapolis? Thanks !

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                                    Cantler's Riverside Inn-for crabs - http://www.cantlers.com/ or Harris Crab House in Kent Narrows - http://harriscrabhouse.com/

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                                      I always liked Mikes Crab House, but haven't been in more than a couple years. Menu is extensive enough to please everyone, even those that aren't interested in picking crabs. http://www.mikescrabhouse.com/index.php

                                      Also, had lunch last week with my wife at Viet Thai Paradise, and was impressed as usual. Service is always good, and the food was top notch also. Their coconut shrimp soup was better than the more "authentic" Moulin de Paris which is another of our local favorite spots (in Pasadena). Price wise it was also great. I had a lemongrass chicken lunch special which came with spring rolls, wife had a spring roll and the soup and the bill was $25.

                                      1. re: laststandchili

                                        Agreed Mikes is also a good local local spot for seafood. Viet Thai Paradise is also good spot very affordable.

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                                        The Boatyard Bar and Grill has really good softshell sandwiches right now.

                              2. Chick and Ruths, iconic deli, milk shakes, decent sandwiches was on food network man vs food for the jumbo milkshake
                                Pussers pub, waterfront behind Marriott good for a cocktail and appetizer on a sunny warm day, also can take a 2 hour cruise on a 60 foot beautiful schooner for about $40 that includes a drink
                                Tsunami, pretty good sushi
                                Cantler's. For steamed Maryland crabs and steamers ( clams)
                                Lewnis steakhouse not cheap but reasonable for very good steak and seafood, locally owned

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                                  Wow, thank you all so much, looks like I'll be eating well down there, and plenty of variety. Anyone know of some bucket list seafood shacks (or other) joints in the outlying areas radiating outward from Annapolis for a day trip? We'll have a car, so will go poke around the region a bit ...