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May 26, 2011 03:02 PM

Annapolis - Cheap, Good Eats

Looking for fun, cheap, dive...or not eats in Annapolis.

Specialty Annapolis food? Such as Captn Crunch Waffles and Chaps Pit Beef in B'more -

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner ideas? Crab?

Never been before - enlighten me?

Chaps Pit Beef
5801 Pulaski Hwy Ste 1, Baltimore, MD 21205

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  1. Try the Amish Market they have good cheap eats its open on Thur-Fri 8-6:30pm and Sat 8- 3pm I think

    1. Any specific part of Annapolis? There are some decent cheap eats, but not as much in the historic area. I love Punk's Grill at the mall (cheap eats are relative, their sandwiches/salads etc may be more than the competition, but it's clearly cheaper than a more formal restaurant). Really everything there is outstanding, including their great Cheesburgers, salads and picnic style sides. They also have a really great beer program, including just installing a draft system, and releasing their first jointly made beer. Also at the mall, I do also like Nando's Peri-Peri quite a bit, but there might be different opinions out there.

      I like Las Delicias for Salvadorean food - papusas, stews, etc. and there are two decent Taquerias in town, Serrano and Juquilita. Chris' Charcoal pit is a decent greek dive, and if you really want Pit Beef, Pit Boys is probably your best bet. As already mentioned, the Amish market is great for snacking...soft preztels, baked goods, fried chicken, etc. In addition, breakfast there at their restaurant is great, but try to hit it on Thursday or Friday due to the long Saturday lines. Bagels And... is another good breakfast source, but only if your coming from a bagel deficient location (i.e. not New York) - it's better than the other options around here at least.

      Downtown, the Freshfarm market on Sunday is nice to walk through, and can be followed by breakfast at Chick & Ruth's. Unfortunately, the market house is a shell so you won't get that experience (although I'm not sure if Atwater's is still in there or not). I also do like Sophie's Crepe's for a nice little waterfront snack. For ice cream, I avoid Storm Bros., which has a great location but used commercial ice cream, and walk up Main St. to the Annapolis Ice Cream Co. which makes their own, usually involving Oreos. If you want to eat downtown, Joss for sushi is probably the best food option. You could also grab an outdoor tables at Pusser''s a great place to sit on a nice day right on the water of Ego Alley. The food, however, is best described as passable. You could also just go for drinks.

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        Also try the Annapolis Seafood Market off Route 2

      2. Meat-eaters in my life say the Crofton volunteer FD's pit beef is far better than anything else available locally. They normally set up in front of the FD on Saturdays. Check their website for dates/locations:

        1. The shopping center across from the stadium (Taylor Ave) has Naval Bagels which are decent and an Italian place which has a wide variety of good pizzas.

          Also, Joss Sushi on main street has reasonably priced lunch specials.

          Naval Bagels
          609 Taylor Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401

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            Peanut butter ice cream at Storm Bros. I've been dreaming about it ever since I had it.

          2. Bella Italia in W. Annapolis a couple doors down from Grauls. Very good thin crust pizza. Most of the menu is better than average for a family style Italian place.

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              Ah, that was the name of the Italian I couldn't remember. Excellent pizza, large portions. Homestyle Italian - yum.