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May 26, 2011 01:49 PM

Birthday dinner - ISO braised ox tail

I wanted to make something for my husband's birthday

He is fond of salmon, lobster, ox tail, gnocchi, artichokes and chocolate.

So i'm thinking of a braised ox tail over some nice ricotta gnocchi.
maybe a side of veggies or a interesting salad.

I wanted to make some lobster aspic, but might get too crazy after work... boo~~

what do you think of the menu? do you have a good ox tail recipe for me to try?

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  1. For the ox tail, you can basically make it with an osso bucco recipe. I adore Emeril's:
    It's very easy and straight forward. Since you're doing this after work? may I suggest serving over quick cooking polenta.
    Rapini is a great side for this dish!
    Good luck!

    1. I am in the process of using this NY Times recipe…

      Guess it'll be ready in about 5 hours or so…

      First time making braised ox tails. Anything I need to do in the meantime except pour a glass of wine?

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        Well, I did a combination of the NY Times recipe and Marcella Hazan's Oxtail, Vaccinara Style served with papparedelle (which I found in another recipe). It was incredibly luscious. I braised it a very long time and served it on day 2, but I believe I could have braised it even longer for a blow-out phenomenal result. Will definitely make again.