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Creative gelatin dessert flavors

Jell-O now makes margarita and pina colada flavor jello but I have yet to see it in my supermarkets. I like jello and often make my own from fruit juices and canned or fresh fruit. Lately I made a good one using Turkey Hill Diet Decaf Orange Iced Tea, with canned mandarin orange segments. I used the juice from the can as part of the liquid. Iced tea jello is refreshing, especially with fruit added. Iced mocha coffee jello is also nice. Next up is using tonic water - I will try macerating sliced limes in sugar before adding to the jello. Colorless flavored fitness waters like Propel should be good, too. Berries suspended in clear jello would be very pretty. Using food coloring, you can make clear pastel jello which would be very pretty with candied flowers in it.

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  1. Mojito! Lime, mint and add fruit (blueberries are especially good).

    1. I never did use the tonic water and the bottle's now 3 yrs old so I doubt it would be a fair, fizzy test!

      I have never clambered onto the smoothie bandwagon since I prefer my fruit with all the fiber intact, but this week I did buy a small bottled smoothie to use for jello, and liked the result. It was a 15.2oz bottle of Naked brand mango smoothie, which also contained orange, apple, banana, and lemon. I softened an envelope of plain gelatin by sprinkling it over a couple of ounces of smoothie, then nuked it on medium power for a few minutes and stirred to dissolve. I added all but one swallow (I wanted to taste the smoothie as is, for flavor and sweetness)of the bottle to the gelatin mixture, topping off with a little light cream to reach the 2-cup mark on the pyrex measuring cup. This set up to a really nice texture, like a Bavarian. The mouthfeel is more "real" dessert than packaged jello, or homemade using thinner juice. Tastes great, too!

      1. Tried using clear sodas to make fizzy jell-o with no success. None with tonic or club soda either. Ginger ale tasted good but no fizz.
        My family liked when I dropped maraschino cherries into lime jello. Looks Christmassy and the flavors work beautifully.

        Can't wait to see what else people post. I've begun experimenting with this dessert too lately.

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          Nigella Lawson has a recipe for a gin & tonic jello mold. I like it.


        2. I use agar but some favourites: elderflower syrup with raspberries; orange flower blossom water; blackcurrant cordial; matcha with coconut milk layer; coffee with milk layer

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            Agar is so cheap at the Asian supermarket, I just saw it yesterday and wondered "what the heck can I do with this?"

          2. Unflavored gelatin, prosecco, and peaches or apricots.

            I'd like to try it with a rose and berries. Maybe macerate the berries in something like cognac.

            1. Homemade lime or lemon curd, gelatin dissolved in a little water and mint. Fresh blueberries or blackberries added are nice.

              1. Now I'm wondering if the ripe bananas I was planning to make into a smoothie could be gelatinized instead!

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                  I've done that though since you do need something thinner to dissolve the jello, I used a box of pineapple Jell-O, a half cup of water to dissolve it (that's half what's called for) and then 1-1/2 cups of pureed banana. Or you could dissolve the gelatin in hot milk. All sorts of thicker fruity things will work; the trick is getting the gelatin thoroughly dissolved while using a minimal amount of liquid. Also with banana you want something acidic to prevent browning.

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                    Hmmm...hot coconut milk, perhaps? A little crushed canned pineapple for the acid?

                    Tropicolada jello.

                  1. My MIL makes coffee agar-agar, and if she doesn't have the agar-agar, she'll do it with gelatin. She uses milk, instant coffee and some sugar -- I don't think she measures.

                    I am very fond of lemon gelatin with grated carrots, and I'll make that up from scratch.

                    Basically, I'm in the Land of No Jello, so I'm forced to do things on my own. If I want gelatin desserts, that is (-:.

                    A friend of mine macerates strawberries with sugar and rose geranium leaves -- I bet that would make a super-nice gelatin (especially if you used cream as part of the liquid).