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May 26, 2011 01:16 PM

New Outdoor Section @ Atwater Market

I was killing time today and breazed through Atwater Market. I noticed a newer outdoor area at the north end.
westaust mentions this section of restaurants in the "Muvbox open yet?" thread, but I thought I'd post for anyone interested.
I didn't have enough time to loiter and snoop, but a passing glance showed a promising space. Theres a lobster roll stand (also does smoked salmon and a couple other items) a charcuterie counter (looked VERY good) alongside a cheese counter. I spied a nut emporium of sorts and a creperie/smoothie kind of joint and maybe a Quebec wine producer. The area looks about 1/3 occupied with the free spaces seemingly to be filled soon.
I'm hoping (dreaming?) interesting, streetwise food vendors might set up shop....

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  1. You missed Satay Brothers, the mushroom stand and the smoked meat/Bar-B-Q chicken place. Atwater Market just became a lot more interesting for lunch.

    I had a soup today from Satay brothers and it was delicious. Fresh everything (shrimp, quail egg, fish cake in a coconut broth). They also serve steam pork buns, beef satay and papaya salad. I also tried the smoked salmon from the place selling lobster rolls and it was pretty good. I bought a saussage from the charcouterie that tastes great, but I am not a huge fan of its texture. It had lots of big pieces of fat that do not tend to melt in the mouth. Not sure I will buy it again. They do offer to let you taste if you are thinking of buying something there.

    The nut place is the same one that was there last year. It's one of my 5 year old's must go to stops at the market:)

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    1. re: hala

      That soup sounds a lot like laksa!
      Edit: Just read the rest, it IS!!


      Edited to add info about Winnicki brothers from Satay Brothers.

      Singaporian street food :) :) :)

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      1. re: hala

        oh wow, this made my week! Hawker food, finally!!

      2. The new section is great! Tried a bunch of things today. Lobster roll was tasty ($11+tax) - we grilled the bun at home because their toaster had just gone on the fritz.

        From Satay Brothers we tried:
        - laksa soup with chicken, shrimp, fish cake slices (I think?), tofu strips (I think?), a quail egg, and rice noodles. Absolutely delicious, I could eat this often. They ask how spicy you want it - I got "XX" and it was very spicy (in a good way!) but it'll depend on your heat tolerance.
        - BBQ pork bun & tofu bun - they get the pork belly from one of the butchers at the market and lovingly described how they slow-cook it
        - papaya salad - perfect blend of sweet, sour and salty, with a lovely crunch from thinly sliced papaya, red pepper julienne, some romaine lettuce, and chopped peanuts.

        What really pleased me about the Satay Brothers stand was how much passion they seem to have for the food - they described what was in everything as I ordered it, without me even asking, which seems so rare these days. They mentioned a bunch of things that they're planning to add to the menu in the future - all in the realm of Singaporean/Malaysian/Peranakan food - and I can't wait.

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        1. re: kpzoo

          Laksa? Really? I said it before that this news made my week, but your report just confirms it kpzoo - thank you! The thought of some great Malaysian food practically downtown makes me very happy! Thanks for the report and the pictures!

          1. re: unlaced

            I know, we've been so deprived on the Malaysian/Singaporean front - it's a much needed addition to the food scene. I hope you like the laksa as much as I did!

          2. re: kpzoo

            Oh, my Google! Laksa! That's the best Montreal food news I've heard in months.

            1. re: kpzoo

              Yes, Satay Brothers is really fun. I loved loved the soup, and everything else that came out of that kitchen smelled really good. I am happy to hear they are thinking of expanding their menu as it only has about 8 things on it right now, half of them desserts.

              1. re: kpzoo

                WOW! I'm so excited. Thanks for the pics!

                  1. re: saltnpepperwhat

                    Satay Brothers hours per their FB page:

                    Monday 10:30-18:00
                    Thursday-Friday 10:30-20:00
                    Saturday-Sunday 10:30-17:00

                    1. re: kpzoo

                      Yeah, I just realized now(didn't know previously). Someone I know tried to eat at Satay Brothers today, but it's closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

                1. re: kpzoo

                  Re Satay Bros... I recently tried the satay and the papaya salad... I feel churlish by admitting this, but I can't say either blew me away... both were lacking a little something... but service was super nice and yes, they are really passionate about their food. I will return to try the laksa and the buns looked delish too.

                  In that same area, there's also a fiddlehead and mushrooms table (really gorgeous fresh fiddleheads!!! they were excellent)... and a lady who sells really fresh free-range eggs (choice of organic or not) on weekends. I got a dozen from her and tried a few tonight: I'll be going back!

                  l also purchased a half dozen maple donuts from the maple syrup folks nearby... mehhhh, bit too oily for my taste, alas. Maybe their oil's not hot enough when they fried the dough.

                  1. re: TheSnowpea

                    Re: the papaya salad. I also felt it lacked a little something. I think it would have benefited from a little more salt. The pork buns were excellent. The buns super fluffy and just the right amount of hoisin/scallions. The pork was super tender.

                    1. re: foodie_mtl

                      I agree about the papaya salad and the buns.

                    2. re: TheSnowpea

                      I went on Friday night for laksa and thought it was very good, although it was quite different to what I was expecting (fancier ingredients, less soup, only rice noodles) Had a great chat to one of the owners though and gave him my thoughts - it was funny to hear that they had done taste testings of the laksa previously using wheat noodles but people were confused as to why it was Asian and had spaghetti! So they went with rice noodles, to make it identifiably Asian! I was really impressed by him and hope that they do really well - I will definitely be back to try more things on the menu!

                      (There must be a lot of interest in it though - I blogged about my experience on Sat morning and basically all my traffic so far has been from people querying satay brothers montreal, or laksa montreal. They have definitely found a niche that needed filling!)

                      1. re: TheSnowpea

                        You have to order the papaya salad xxx spicy - then it's perfect...Had the laksa today, really liked it. And I love the pork buns...

                        The fiddlehead and mushroom vendor is Les Jardins Sauvages - same one as at Jean Talon (and the restaurant of the same name). Their stuff is always top notch.

                        Did not notice the egg vendor - will definitely look for her next time!

                    3. I tried the Lobster roll at the Atwater Market. It is very good except I think I like the one better at Muvbox location in Old Montreal. The Lobster roll is also cheaper at Muvbox @ $10 instead of $12 at the Atwater market. The chowder soup at Muvbox is to be avoided unless yo really like the commercial version in can.

                      1. Tried the buns at Satay Bros & thought they were excellent. Pork belly melted in mouth, sauce & cilantro really made this small folded sandwich pop. Will definintely be going back ASAP.