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May 26, 2011 12:59 PM

kosher moroccan (or israeli restaurant) in NY area for a party?

Now that Darna has closed, I am a bit stuck. I am hosting a party for about 60 people and would like to have it in a Moroccan restaurant. Short of that, I will settle an Israeli/Mediterranian restaurant. It must be stricltly kosher.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Village Crown catering offers a Moroccan menu (they used to have a Moroccan restaurant), but no venue as far as I know. If you can find an appropriately-sized rentable space, perhaps in a shul, this could let you serve Moroccan food.

    1. Someone on this board has to get serious about their cooking and open a new Moroccan place now!

      1. Colbeh is Persian and is probably the closest restaurant match you will find in Manhattan at this point. They also have a private party room that should be able to hold 60 people.

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          I heartily do not recommend Colbeh. The one in Manhattan was supposed to host a shevah brochah for us (it was where my wife and I went on our first date) but two days before they got "a better offer" and canceled. Now we won't go back. Maybe try Olypic Pita

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            A guide for the perplexed.

            Since the OP asked for Moroccan or Israeli, Avitrek's suggestion of Persian may sound like offering Italian food to someone who asked for French. But since the moved, renovated and went upscale, Colbeh has added some Moroccan and Israeli dishes to its Persian menu. (e.g., a delicious falafel appetizer with soft hummus in the centers).

            I am so sorry about the sheva brochot. I have never tried to hold a party there and cannot speak to reliability, though they do have an upstairs space for groups. And the food is wonderful

          2. Where are you? I mean, would New Jersey, or Brooklyn/Queens suit your guests needs?

            1. If you are willing to come to Brooklyn I have made sheva brachos for about that amount of people in Jerusalem Steak House on Avenue J. They did a great job and the food is delicious.