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May 26, 2011 12:12 PM

Toronto CHer in Philly for 24 hrs - Baby on board

Hi All,

Visiting Philadelphia this summer for one night before we head off to the Jersey shore. I'm there with my wife and our 16 month old son. Will be staying at The Independent on Locust Street and we will have a car.

Any recommendations for one lunch and one dinner? Independent covers Breakfast. Ideally want to have a great Cheesesteak for Lunch. Dinner's open but would love something that's local and unique - we have plenty of everything in Toronto.


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  1. You are a reasonable walk from the Reading Terminal Market for lunch. Lots of sandwiches that are better than cheesesteaks are available there. Do a search on this board and you'll find everyone's favorites.

    You are actually a reasonable walk from a lot of places. For dinner, I'd recommend Kanella, Cypriot, BYOB. Don't see a lot of kids there, but perhaps if you go for an earlier dinner time, it would be less busy and okay with a little one.

    If you have time, I'd also switch from the Independent to the Alexander Inn. In the same 'hood, inexpensive, and from what I hear, better rooms.

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      I've actually booked a suite at the Independent for $150+taxes, the Alexander rooms seem a lot smaller.

      I'm wondering if I'd be able to bring our baby to Zahav if it's early enough, say around 6pm. Is that impossible/undesirable?

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        And Zahav has a special event that night so no luck. Anyone with any other suggestions?

    2. Not to start a cheesesteak war, but my fav is Chink's, a 10-15 minute ride from CC. l like hoagies better and my choice is Cosmi's, again a 10-15 minute ride. For dinner l might go to either Modo Mio or Monsu, both from Peter McAndrews and both Sicilian food.

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        Thanks. I've changed my hotel reservation from The Independent to the Sofitel. What's good around the Sofitel that we can bring a toddler to?

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          Are you looking for breakfast lunch or dinner? And how well behaved is the toddler? Either way Reading Terminal Market is still a great option for breakfast or lunch (especially Wednesday through Saturday). Look at other threads for what to get there. Parc is a quaint bistro that is a few blocks away that would probably work well. Whatever you do, as nice as the Sofitel is (I have been there a few times and really enjoyed my stay), avoid the restaurant there at all costs seeing the reviews I have read.

        2. re: Delucacheesemonger

          +1 on monsu

          what day of the week are you planning these meals?

          1. re: InSearchOfTacos

            We're going to be there from Thursday AM to Friday AM and then we are driving to the Jersey Shore. This will be over the long weekend so we probably need to get somewhat of an early start on Friday, leave before lunch.

            So one lunch, one dinner and one breakfast in the Center City/Rittenhouse area. Our boy is your typical toddler, so depending on his mood, he can be well behaved but he does like to express himself so I don't want to be sitting near the couple that wanted a romantic candlelit dinner. We'd probably be dining around 6:30. It breaks my heart that Zahav is unavailable that night.

            I've gotten some good Greek suggestions but Toronto has tons of good Greek food.

            1. re: Sherm_TO

              Definately hit Reading Terminal for breakfast at the Dutch Eating Place on Thursday or before you leave on Friday. I think you would be fine at Parc too. Amis is a short walk away and has a small plates new Italian style menu that may work for dinner because it's not a quiet place but has really good food.

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                We were just at Parc yesterday with our kids for lunch, and I noticed lots of babies and toddlers there. It's very loud, so any toddler noise would go unnoticed. It would be fine for lunch or dinner. Dandelion is also nice for lunch, if that kind of food appeals more. There's lots of good coffee around Rittenhouse. Elixr is a little further and kind of hipster (less kid friendly) but the coffee is great. La Columbe is terrific and fine with a toddler.

                For dinner, I think most places other than the small BYOs are fine with a toddler, as long as you are there on the early side. If you don't mind taking a cab, I'd go to Osteria if you can get a reservation. The new Serafina (Philly outpost of a NY restaurant) will be open by then, and I've heard good things.