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May 26, 2011 12:07 PM

Counterpoint San Diego

One of my friend just unbelievably hyped this place to me:

Anyone been?

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  1. Been several times for their happy hour. I really enjoyed their wine selection and appetizers. It's too bad there's not much else within walking distance but I like it enough to go about once a month.

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    1. re: globocity

      The craft beer and wine selection are good, but the poor acoustics are almost unbearable and I'm not overly sensitive to noise. The servers are very nice and know their beer/wine, but the food is pretty wack. I've had a couple things (sandwich/salad) but nothing I'd return for. I hear their outdoor patio is where it's at in the summertime, but haven't been to say so for myself.

      1. re: Granite

        Ummm, so is wack a good thing or a bad thing?

    2. If you live around the neighborhood its great. decent selection, decent happy hour. I wouldnt say the food is "wack" but i wouldnt say its the greatest around. But its good.

      1. It may or may not be hyped but it is nice to see something new instead of still more restaurants going out of business. This recession has been hard on San Diego's restaurants.