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May 26, 2011 11:43 AM

Davenport/Quad Cities--what's good?

A group of us (fun-loving young to middle aged women) will be spending the weekend in Davenport, Iowa and are looking for some fun places to eat in the area. One vegetarian. Anything with fun history, river views, a lively bar? All recommendations welcome.

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  1. In Moline there is The Great Indian Restaurant. Decor/views leave something to be desired, but the food is wonderful, and there are LOTS of vegetarian options. I've only been for the lunch buffet, but that may be your best bet if any of you are new to Indian food.
    4400 23RD Ave
    Moline, IL 61265

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      I am a BIG fan of Huckleberry's pizza in Rock Island. Not cheap, but well worth it. If you search the forums you'll find other recs as well.

    2. The three restaurants inside the Quads I really like are Le Figaro in Rock Island, Duck City in Davenport, and Indigo Cafe on the far east side of Davenport. None of these places are cheap and each is a bit different. Le Figaro is French and the ambiance is cozy small rooms. Duck City is the kind of trendy brick walled location and serves modern Fusion. Indigo Cafe also serves Fusion, but is a quieter place with tables more separate.

      None of these places are cheap.

      I myself have been looking for a good river-view. The only one I KNOW of is Bass Street Steak and Chop, though I've heard Bierstube in Moline has a good one (never been).

      1001 Canal Shore Dr SW, Le Claire, IA 52753