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May 26, 2011 11:35 AM

Paris Food Crawl This Weekend

I have been tasked with creating a food crawl this Saturday afternoon in Paris.

I have done quite a bit of research and feel fairly certain that the first stop will be L'Avant Comptoir.

But, from there, where must they go to sample some of the best drop-in bites of food in Paris? Restaurants, patisseries, markets, etc., are all fair game.

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  1. this is too broad a question...number of people?...price range?...special interests?...favorite cuisines?...length of time?...areas you want to wander through?...

    Add a few more specifics and you'll get more replies...

    1. Easy one would be, from Comptoir walk to Bd Saint Michel on Bd Saint Germain, turn left for 100 yards to Oteixo for great Spanish ham and other Spanish items. When you leave go back to Germain, turn left for 400 meters to Maubert-Mutualite Marche, open to 2ish, where excellent foie gras is sold and other items. At the same area across from the marche is Dubois, my favorite cheese shop. Going around the corner on Rue Monge is the original Kayser boulangerie with small cafe for coffee and patisserie. Assuming it is now about 5 or 6, you can go back Bd Saint Germain to Mabillon area where Huitrerie Regis serves superb oysters in a very simple environment.That should hold you.

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        Thanks, Delucacheesmonger. I received your reply too late, but they may have a free day again tomorrow for another crawl.

        Today, they did L' AVant Comptoir, Da Rosa, Pierre Herme, and Un Dimanche a Paris.

        Tomorrow, they plan to start at Marche Mouffetard, and then may go to L'Avant Comptoir again because they enjoyed it so much. Form there, they can go to all of your recommendations.

        1. re: John Galt

          Map it out and perhaps do DCM's route in reverse, winding up at L'AC.