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May 26, 2011 11:35 AM

Paris Food Crawl This Weekend

I have been tasked with creating a food crawl this Saturday afternoon in Paris.

I have done quite a bit of research and feel fairly certain that the first stop will be L'Avant Comptoir.

But, from there, where must they go to sample some of the best drop-in bites of food in Paris? Restaurants, patisseries, markets, etc., are all fair game.

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  1. I'd check out David Lebovitz's new book and blog for help and reference Pat Well's "Food Lover's Guide to Paris" if you don't get any bites. I'm working on our summer trip which includes 6 days there, so I'll be paying attention to your updates and any posts you get. Bon appetit! Isn't it really all about the relationships you have with the shopowners though if you're sampling? Someone who's always game and whom I adore is Drew Harre' who with his buddy Juan have several operations worthy of exploration, particularly since they're in the right arrondisement. Semilla, Boissonere, Juan's wine shop - name escapes me, and even Cosi, they're all winners...but I'd definitely want to make advance arrangements.

    1. You had a post last year on this board that address the same question. There were more than 50 replies that had tons of good recommendations.
      Any place worthwhile on that trip? What have you come up with in your research?
      If you are referring to the area around L'Odeon, it is packed with visitors and suburbanites on Saturdays: shopping and the cinema. Other than the millions of pastry shops and chocolatiers, not much in the 6e. Open markets in Paris do not open in the afternoons. Try the rue de Buci street market. To escape the crowd, head to another area.