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May 26, 2011 10:19 AM

Mystery cookware

I bought this yesterday at an oriental grocery not knowing precisely what it is! The word "camal" was mentioned but I can find no reference on the Internet. I'm pretty sure it's for cooking but may be for serving I later realized. Stainless steel with a recessed, flat bottom center area and a raised, flattened lip all around. Can someone help me?!?!?

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  1. I have no idea what it is but I am curious to find out also.

    I am also curious as to why you bought it if you do not know what it s and why did you not ask when you were in the store? Did no one speak English?

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    1. re: ttoommyy

      No they didn't. And I have an outdoor burner that I use a discada on which would work for this. Good point though!!!! ;-))))))))

    2. It is a comal-used in Mexico to make sopes, huaraches, gorditas, etc.

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        Not a comal, as far as I know. Comals are flat, like a pancake or crepe skillet, usually cast iron, and are used for making tortillas, not something you'd find at an Oriental store.

        These guys list it as a fish fry disk:

        Turn it upside down and you get:

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          Thanks all!! First I've heard of it being a fish fryer! I doubt the inversion one is it because the lip on mine would be turned down, unlike the photo. My research indicates you're right as most labeled comal are indeed flat iron griddles. On 1 site I see mine called a comal but if it is one, I still don't understand it's use. If the well is for hot oil, is the slightly tilted zone around it therefore for cooked veggies?? If so it seems like a relatively small area for that. Hate to beat the dead horse but I'm still foggy as to how I'd use it. And I want to! My discada is the same size but very heavy steel and like a very shallow wok. Awesome for fajitas and breakfast for the masses. Much fun!

          1. re: ThreeGigs

            Not all comales are flat-they can have a recessed center or a dome center.The recessed center would typically hold oil or lard for frying,and you can warm tortillas around the edge. These are often used by street vendors.

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              Thank you Ms Georgia! Ok.... Can you give me a few examples of using this thing in "real life"? I'm still at a loss at what it would it would excel at over the discada.
              Mr. Kansas

              1. re: greatdane1

                Sorry, I don't have one, I have just eaten the wonderful treats that come from them at many a street cart in Mexico. Try fried quesadillas made with fresh masa, or sopes or gorditas-fry them in the center well, then move them to the top edge to drain/stay warm.