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May 26, 2011 09:15 AM

Visit to Gene and Georgetti...a sucker is born every....

Wow...was in town for the food show last weekend and someone insisted that we visit the old standby Gene and Georgetti...

What a place... I felt like I was back in the 50's...closed in , windowless...crowded...complete lack of ambiance...completely passable calamari...almost as good as the ones at TGIF's, ice berg lettuce with globby blue cheese, the steak was good but paled in comparisson to the one I had the night before at Smith and Wollensky...

Regarding the chicken Marsala...someone at our table had it...and when we mention that...everyone says..."it's a steak house" if that makes it ok to plate up a bland, cloying overcooked chicken dish with some of the oldest marinara sauce over spaghetti ever served to a human.

But what was best was the straight to business service by waiters whose roles are critical in getting your food to you as quickly as possible with little to no waiting time between the order and delivery...and all done without a shrivel of personality or friendliuness...they must work at showing no emotion...turn that table baby...these are tourists...I felt like I was in France again.

The best was the big plate of homefries...sliced potatoes slowly dragged through barely hot enough salt or seasoning to mar their starchy insides...the people at our table were so in awe that no one had the nerve to try them...we didn't have to ...their mere presence on the table oozed "does any one really care?"

Old school, old boy network ( I am certain the new mayor feels right at home here) supported by people who know nothing about food...all for about 300 bucks for a party of four...Al Capone is not dead...he's running Gene and Georgetti's...and lauging all the way to the bank.

Glad I got this "requirement" out of the way...

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  1. So sorry. I learned the G and G lesson about ten years ago. The worst meal from beginning to end(and I do MEAN end) that I have had in Chicago. Maybe they serve "the good stuff" to people they know but certainly not to the rest of us. I hold a personal vendetta against this restaurant and will do anything I can to prevent(save) anyone from eating there. What a terrible, terrible place.

    1. Thanks for your report.

      >> someone insisted that we visit the old standby Gene and Georgetti...

      I'm guessing that was based on their visit there 20-30 years ago (or more!). If true, that's a problem, for a whole bunch of reasons - not only can a place change (and not necessarily for the better), but other restaurants open up all the time. The overall quality of restaurants has been steadily improving over the years (and this happens everywhere, not just in Chicago). Excellent steakhouses continue to open in Chicago (recent entries include Chicago Cut Steakhouse and Mastro's) and the existing ones have to improve if they want to compete. We have many excellent steakhouses. Get recommendations from someone who has been there within the past few years!

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        If the waiters had shown some sense of hospitality...some effort to welcome us and make us feel comfortable...the experience would have been different...

        the potatoes were horrendous...the rest...just boriong and bland...un-inspired...

        ..not arguing with your suggestions...but I was at G and G on Monday night...can't get more recent than that....everyone kept telling us it was a must...a must not is what it was...and to be honest...sort of expected it.,

      2. I could not agree more with all of these comments. The servers are down-right mean, the steak is nothing special and I feel like I'm in my mother-in-law's dark basement. Who wants to pay for that?! Especially when we have so many other wonderful choices for steak in our fine city.

        1. Your comments - in fact everyone's comments - are totally consistent with my experience. Sorry you got steered so wrong. It must be hapless tourists that keep that place alive.

          1. G&G was pretty much the one miss on my trip last fall. It wasn't completely awful, but the best thing about it was the people watching, so that pretty much says enough right there.

            Shoulda listened to nxstasy on that one - he steered me right for everything else!