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May 26, 2011 09:15 AM

New Interesting Delicious And Of Note In Lexington Kentucky

My mom is going to be spending a couple days a week in Lexington over the next 3 months.

Her favorite restaurant is Dudleys and she also enjoys Stella.

What are some other good options?

She's a veteran eater, loves just about anything other than steak and is willing to drive a little for good food.

What are your favorite joints in Lexington Kentucky right now?

How's the Mexican scene coming along?

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  1. I haven't found anything too exciting on the Mexican front here. Although I just stumbled on an area at Versailles and Alexandria. My daughter and I were looking for tortillas and went to the Aguascalientes there. There were a couple of restaurants and a tortillaria. So I'm definitely heading back over there for some more exploration.

    The roasted pork at Jalapenos on New Circle is pretty good. I also like the tortas at Gran Tako, also on New Circle. I've seen al Pastor cooking out in front of Gran Tako as well, but have not had a chance to try that.

    My favorite restaurant so far has been Bella Notte. Really good Italian.
    Saul Good is a fun place to eat and grab a drink as well.

    1. My favorite place in Lexington is definitely Azur! It has creative cuisine & a fun atmosphere, it is in Beaumont Center. I also love Metropol downtown, it is French & the owner is usually sitting at the bar. I also just had a very nice birthday dinner at Jonathan's at Gratz Park. Hope this helps!

      307 W Short St, Lexington, KY 40507

      3070 Lakecrest Cir Ste 550, Lexington, KY 40513

      1. Two new places to try... both are very promising for Lexington. One is Nick Ryan's Saloon on Jefferson and the other is Table Three Ten on Short. Nick Ryans is upscale southern and a great place to stop and have a drink. Table Three Ten is the best Lexington has for a wine bar... and though I think it could do a lot of things better, its the best cheese plate in town.

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            I like Heirloom in nearby Midway. The drive out on Old Frankfort Pike is scenic. Nice shops in Midway, too.

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              I just got engaged at Heirloom a few weeks ago, so where I loved it before - I really love it now! haha It is remarkable though and you can't beat the ambiance in Midway!