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May 26, 2011 07:20 AM

L'Express or M Sur Masson

What do you guys suggest? I haven't been to L'Express in about 8 years, I remember it being OK. BTW, does anyone know if they serve French Onion Soup, I can't seem to find their menu anywhere. Just looking for simple basic bistro food nothing too creative. I've read that M sur M has a decent Onion soup, how is the rest of the menu in terms of quality compared to Express?

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  1. L'Express is fun and you can do a bit a people/celeb peeping; it's an institution... don't think they have an onion soup, AFAIK, they have a Sorrel soup (oseille) and a fish soup.

    M sur Masson is different, it's more a neighbourhood bistro than a "landmark".

    I'd pick L'express, just because I can walk to/from the restaurant (but now with Bixi I can ride a bit further and be less localized in my restaurant choices)

    L'Express Restaurant
    3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Anyone know if the "Onion Soup" on Brasserie's T menu is the traditional French Onion Soup?

    2. The wife had French Onion Soup the last time we were at L'Express last summer. The photo (not the greatest quality) is of their menu, taken January of last year.

      L'Express Restaurant
      3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

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      1. re: porker

        What about Brasserie T, anyone know if they serve French Onion Soup? Thanks

          1. re: kpaxonite

            Yah, I mentioned I saw their menu on their website (see post above) and it just says, "onion soup" so I was trying to figure if it's served in the traditional style or not.

            1. re: ios94

              Oh sorry...Yes it is 'traditional style' but I forget what kind of cheese they use.

      2. I am an inconditional about M sur Masson. They serve a French onion soup that is excellent, like the rest of their menu. If you like duck, they have a "cuisse de canard confit" on a mushroom risotto that is excellent. I had their beef tartare tonight for dinner that was excellent also. Pretty much everything on their menu is good to excellent. I prefer it to L'Express hands down. I have dinner there at least every week so I am not a partial commentator:)

        L'Express Restaurant
        3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA