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May 26, 2011 07:19 AM

NYC Chowhounds with pups need suggestions for family dining in Vancouver

The family will be staying in downtown Vancouver near the West End next week and we need suggestions for family dining. We probably will want to stay close to the hotel (West End, Stanley Park, Gastown, Granville, Chinatwon) but will consider a little travel for a special spot. Our chowpups are very adventurous eaters; my son's favorite is ikura sushi. We are open to any cuisines but will probably not go to any South American or Mexican places as our local neighborhood is full of good examples. Basically we are looking for walk-in places that are very welcoming of families and under $20 per person. Breakfast is covered at the hotel. We are looking for good sushi, Vietnamese, Chinese, fish and chips, spot prawns, noodles or any other suggestions. We will probably have one more expensive meal out with the family. Suggestions on a place to splurge would be appreciated. ChowDad love craft breweries. Are there any that are family friendly? Thanks, in advance, for the help.

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  1. Fish and chips - Go Fish on Granville Island. If it is sunny don't miss it! There is no indoor seating so it's a great place for the kids to run around like maniacs.

    Sushi - I'm not sure how old your kids are but I take my 2.5 yr old to Shiro all the time. Very family friendly place and excellent sushi. Shiro is just across the Cambie st bridge. A 10 minute cab ride from downtown.

    Expensive - I'd splurge at Blue Water Cafe. Other good options are Le Crocodile, Bishops and Cioppino's.

    Breweries - Yaletown or Steamworks Brew Pub would work. The best spot in the city for a pint is the Alibi Room but it's not really a spot for the kids!

    Le Crocodile Restaurant
    909 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z2N2, CA

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    1. I second Go Fish for an outing on a sunny day (there's a funny grassy area up the stairs for picnicking), but if you want to walk out for a meal from your hotel, there are a ton of Asian, especially Japanese and Korean, around the Westend (Robson and Denman area) and you should be able to find plenty of spots to eat without having to take a cab. If you go early most izakayas (eg Guu with Garlic) are fun and lots of choices for adventurous eaters and as long as your kids don't mind loud enthousiastic welcomes they'll be fine (go early for dinner though). There are also a lot of ramen places along there and all very happy to serve kids big bowls of noodles and gyoza. I also like Legendary Noodles (Chinese) on Denman, but there are folks who would disagree. For a nicer night out, still izakaya though, I like KIngyo and have taken kids there (early evening).
      I wish I could remember what went in to the old L'Altro Buca space as I loved sitting on that patio with my kids: walking around the westend on a sunny evening is the best!

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        Dingod, you are getting some good recs! If you all like Vietnamese and want to do something a little different, consider the five dollar Viet brekky dishes at Green Lemongrass. Only from 9-11 am but fun, tasty, cheap and family friendly. Here's a post I did about it: could get there in one bus (the 19 from downtown IIRC) but easier by car. Then if you're not too full you could share some banh mi from Ba Le, Ting Hung or Kim Chau, since you would already be in the middle of our sprawling "Little Vietnam" on Kingsway.

        waver: Adesso went in where L'Altro Buca was. We went last summer and while the patio is still nice, the food was a little wanting I thought. And I like some things at Legendary too but I've only been to the Main Street one.