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May 26, 2011 07:03 AM

Filling my picnic basket in Newport, RI

My wife and I are coming down to Newport for our aniversary and would like to go for a picnic in Newport to relax drink wine and maybe fly a kite. We are staying at a B&B on Phelham right near Thames. I know there are a ton of restaurants but would like to pickup something (premade or make ourselves) to eat on the way to picnicing.

I know I want to stop at either the Mad Hatter or newport choclate for dessert and I know that there is a Stop n Shop near the Chocolate by Freebody park as a last resort we can pick up bread sandwich meats and some fruit.

Is there a place that will pack to go and be perfect for a picnic? Is it near a place to setup our blanket?

Thanks for all your assistance.

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  1. We also noticed a subway near by that we could take down to Aquidneck and grab desert at newport cremery or cold fusion gelato... What we are really looking for is a place like the mooring that may do an amazing lunch to go. Does anyone know of a place that does a nice to go lunch perfect for picnic in the park with some wine?

    1. Couple ideas:
      Go up Pelham to Bellevue and go a couple blocks left across from the Viking hotel. There is a wine shop and a gourmet food shop, both owned by the same couple. They will take very good care of you and the gourmet shop has excellent breads and cheese and has some prepared lunch sandwiches. Other choice is Bellevue Cafe is the most reasonable priced sandwich spot in Newport! They are open Mon-Sat and are at the top of Pelham on Bellevue. Basic sandwiches and salads to go, but so reasonable and very nice people. if you are hopping in the car to go picnic out at Eisenhower house of Brenton point, you could stop at Blue Rocks all the way at the end of Thames which is more upscale or the Ashmart right across the street for basic, but solid sandwiches to go. Now if you want, what is in my opinion the closest to a NY deli, go to (the new) Sig's out in Middletown on Aquidneck Ave. They are famous for their mac n cheese and they have huge sandwiches.

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        Katrina Deli on Bellevue next to hardware store accross from Stop and Shop and Bellevue Plaza has good prepared foods and sandwiches to go. Go fly a kite at Brenton Point.

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          I second the coffee shop next to the wine place and Blue Rocks makes great to go sandwiches (and has a salad bar/deli goods).

          Cookies and other sweets from the Cookie Jar or the Coffee Grinder (both on Bannister's Wharf)

          Coffee Grinder
          33 Bannisters Wharf, Newport, RI 02840

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            actually - if you have a car two of the BEST places to load up would be Sweetberry Farm or Fatulli's Cafe in Middletown

        2. head to fort adams,when you turn in the drive,follow the signs to the eisenhower house.basicly take the first left,then take another left up the hill,follow it up,go past the eisenhower house,follow it down the hill ,your there.amazing views,its free,not to many people,etc.awesome view of the bridge,bay,jamestown,etc..dont tell anyone else though,thanks!!!