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YYC - 4th Spot

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The former Karouzo's and then Titans (26 Ave/4th St NW) is coming alive with a new restaurant/bar. I understand there was a lot of water damage suffered by the building...which is probably why it has sat empty for so many years. No details on opening date/menu yet. Hopefully, it will bring another good option for the neighborhood.

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  1. When it was purchased and changed to Titan's they changed the menu and it didn't seem to be very good. Then they booted the sunday blues jam out and finally had the unknown water damage. So sad, Karouzo's was a great pizza place for 50 years or something crazy they had amazing chicken wings too.

    I'm hopefull for the new place. There was furniture in the windows last time I looked on the way past.

    1. A friend of mine was hired to work prep in the kitchen. They didn't have an opening date set in stone, but I think it is open now (I can confirm this with him).

      From what he has told me the menu should be quite good. He did mention the burgers are huge, and that there was one sandwich on the menu that is really good (from what I remember of the descritption it involved bacon, cheese & possibly deep-frying) ;)

      1. OK, this place is definitely open. Their official opening was this past Friday.

        As for the sandwich I was talking about...I was close. It's called the Fat Boy Club. It's a traditional club sandwich, that uses whole chicken breasts...but those chicken breasts are stuffed with bacon & cheese. So it's almost like a Chicken Cordon Bleu club sammy :)

        1. http://www.4thspot.com/

          A lucky guess yielded their website albeit just a placeholder for now.

          1. Hey folks. Just wanted to take a quick second and apologize for creating what appears to be a biased review of this joint. Yes, my friend works prep in the kitchen, and I should have left it at that. My review was honest, but I can see how it can be misconstrued as me acting as a pitchman for a friend's place of employment. I can assure you that was not my intent, but feel free to take my words with a grain of salt...I understand. I really like this site, and I don't want to undermine the integrity they have worked so hard to establish.

            One thing I can report (just relaying factual information here, not offering an opinion), is that they have a special section of the Pizza menu dedicated to the old Karouzo's pizza favourites. He said that they brought in a bunch of the old kitchen staff from the original resto and tried their best to recreate their classics. Keep in mind I have not tried them, nor did I ever eat at the original Karouzo's....so I'll stop right there.

            1. Another spot that I had no idea existed! Met up with a couple friends here last night and would probably go back just to try the pizza, or maybe to meet up with friends that are in the area.

              They had a narrow patio section that was full of people enjoying a rare sunny early evening - so we sat inside.

              The service was friendly and quick. Between 3 of us, we split a half priced bottle of wine. I didn't choose, some sort of Pinot Noir for $20. Later the server mentioned that they have Granville Island on tap, so I would suspect that they have other options beyond this. I am always happy to have availability of some interesting and tasty beers.

              The vegetarian options on the menu were pretty limited at first glance, but it was nice to see that they had symbols beside dishes for veg, or gluten free. They will modify some dishes for you (ie mac and cheese with sausage)

              I went with the 'When mushroom met ravioli' for $15.99. (Sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, toasted almonds & truffle oil) The pasta was cooked to a nice consistency and the filling was actually rather delicious, which surprised me as often ravioli are fairly tame and tend to be more about the sauce. It was a large portion size and came with a reasonable amount of shaved parmesan on top. (I think it would improve the dish to have it scattered over more of the dish, microplane style). The truffle oil was good, perhaps a bit less would have been appreciated, although it wasn't swimming in it. What I didn't finish was eaten by my friends!! (Who both had their own meals, and didn't even finish them).

              I wish I would have noticed the separate pizza menu (it was the same size as the wine list) as I likely would have tried one. I'm intrigued that they are maintaining the recipe from the previous establishment that was in the space before. (Started in 1967!) Must be a good pizza!

              The server mentioned that they have a wine club (shut down for summer) and sometimes have scotch tasting or beer tasting events. They have a largeish private room in the back that they let out without a rental fee - your group just has to order off the regular menu.