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May 26, 2011 04:07 AM

The Mori I Consider It...

...about an hour ago on my morning bike ride I had to laugh at the irony that, now that Mori has actually sold the business, that there is finally a sign saying "Mori Sushi" in place of the old fish shaped bones sign with no name. I guess those are the sorts of thoughts that occur to me while cycling through LA in the middle of the night...

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  1. Asahi what you are talking about.

    1. Isn't it ironic?

      And commercial!

      1. How odd... I just had dinner there last night! My understanding is that the "bony fish" sign had to come down, since that trademark actually goes where Mori-san physically goes.

        Though the restaurant is no longer officially his, Mori-san was still in the maestro's pit, working away. I am told this week is Mori-san's last week at the restaurant.

        Yes, another fantastic meal - Great fish, great rice. The transition is going very smoothly. I'm not worried at all about the future of Mori Sushi. New owner Maru-san will take care of us just fine.

        Mori Sushi
        11500 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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        1. re: J.L.

          Looks like you were with Maru-san?

          Is the yuzu sake thing new? Never had that in all my visits to Mori.

          As usual, that Hokkaido uni looks so ridonkulously good.

          1. re: Porthos

            Maru-san wasn't scheduled to work last night.

            The yuzu sake cocktail has been on their drinks menu for a while, I believe.

            I had a second helping of both the Santa Barabara uni & the Hokkaido uni.

            1. re: J.L.

              Ah, I thought they were now serving the yuzu sake thing at the end of dinner now a la Sushi-Zo.

              So who did you sit in front of last night then? Doesn't look like it was in front of Mori's station judging by your photos. The younger guy in the middle (sorry, don't know his name)?

              1. re: Porthos

                I tried to upload the yuzu drink as the first photo file on this thread (to show that it was an aperitif, not an after-dinner drink), but the Chowhound server mixed up all my photos in terms of order.

                Very perspicacious of you to notice my position at the bar, Porthos... We were indeed served by the very capable, younger sushi shokunin who smiles quite a bit usually just to Mori's right (his name escapes me, unfortunately).

        2. That's funny, I just noticed that too. I go past that corner every work day, whether it be driving or walking. Standing at the light the other day, the new sign caught my eye. Looks nice. I guess the new ownership is putting in some changes.

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          1. re: Jase

            I agree - it's pleasant on the eyes - was expecting something maybe a bit more Japanese-y but it will do. It's not the iconic image that emotes so much for its patrons, but I think of it as a symbol of "changing of the guard" as well. As J.L. notes, the symbol is the trademark of Mori-san (didn't know that!) but I think of it as synonymous to a Japanese family crest - kamon - and his professional kamon carries with it a reputation that few have achieved in our local dining scene.