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May 26, 2011 03:47 AM

Which of the oft-recommended tasting menu places in BCN have a good bar you can eat at?

Taking a friend out tonight for dinner and was considering the usual suspects recommended on this board: Gelonch, Gresca, Coure, Sauc, Alkimia.

I was wondering which of these, or other similar, good-value Modern Catalan tasting menu type of places have a good bar counter to eat at. As I recall Gresca and Alkimia do not, though I could be wrong.

Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.

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  1. Cal Pep is one long counter.

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      True, but not the kind of place I'm after. Looking for Modern Catalan, menu degustacion type of places. I know that the idea of those kinds of places having a bar counter to eat at is a bit unusual, but I'm betting some do anyway.

    2. I don't recall Gresca or Alkimia having any bar space. It's not their style.

      Comerc24 has a bar counter where you can dine.

      Albert Adria's 41 is a cocktail bar with fancy drinks and snacks (you usually need a reservation but maybe you'll be lucky or someone will cancel last minute).

      One more modern place on my radar (but untried) is Bar Arnau in the Hotel Espanya. It's overseen by Martin Berasategui. I plan to have a little party here this summer.
      Pictures of the bar are in the hotel website here: