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May 26, 2011 03:36 AM

Pearl Restaurant in Ridgewood - comments? reviews?

Suburbanmama has a $40 for $20 coupon today for Pearl restaurant in Ridgewood and i'm wondering if any of you have gone &, if so, would you mind commenting on it...They've got a supercrappy website that tells me NOTHING (Dear restaurants with super lame, tell me nothing web sites: why bother?), yet i'm still curious. Have you gone? Thoughts?

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  1. i've lived new ridgewood my entire life- never even heard of it. Now i have to go and look.

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      The only thing I know is where it is located. It is in the spot where Natalies old restaurant was on Broad St. ( I believe the spot also had a BBq place before Natalies, very short lived ), before she moved to Marras" spot. Friends have tried it , said its ok, but a kittle pricey.

      1. re: scholar399

        Then you know restaurants come and go with the tides. It just opened a few weeks ago.

      2. Underwhelmed with Pearl. Trying too hard. I missed the old Natalie's there - the casual atmosphere, the tables outside, and the fish specials were really, really good. It's not the same across the street at Marra's.

        1. I agree that the website does not offer much. However, if you look under "sample menus" you will probably get a rough idea. I am hoping to try it soon and will report back.