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Feb 17, 2006 01:21 PM

Long Beach Eats

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Hello all.

I need some help. We are going to the Aquarium of the Pacfic and we need a lunch spot for adults and kids. We always go to the places around the aquarium like Yardhouse, Chillis, Pizza kitchen, Bubba gumps, and the english pub next to CPK. So tired of those places!!!

Therefore I am on a mission to find some good grub that a 3 year old would like near the aquarium. He like all foods as long as it is good. He has and will reject food especially the Korean and Chinese versions if they suck (he eats a lot of Chinese and Korean foods as well as Japanese) Please help!

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  1. George's on Pine, for Greek. King's Fish House, Pine & 3rd (or is it B'way?). Are you stuck in the area around the aquarium or are you willing to drive a little? If so, on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore you'll have lots of choices, BBQ, Crepes, Lebanese/Armenian, Moroccan, Mexican, Indian, Italian, just to name a few. Search this board, also, for tons of LB suggestions.