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May 25, 2011 10:06 PM

New Cheese Shop: Wedge & Bottle

I'm wondering if anyone has been to the new Ahwatukee cheese shop called Wedge & Bottle. The menu looks great. It seems they've only been open for a couple of weeks.

According to their Facebook profile page:
"We offer cut to order Cheese & Charcuterie Meats. We also have a selection of wine and craft beer that can be enjoyed at home or by the glass in our shop. To compliment this we have melted cheese sandwiches and cheese plates. We also have all of the specialty grocery items that accompany cheese like jams, mustards, crackers, pastas, etc."

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  1. Haven't been, but thanks for the tip! I saw their sign above an empty store front a while ago so I had assumed it was a failed shop, not an upcoming shop.