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May 25, 2011 09:43 PM

Local seafood in Door County

I'm going to be taking a trip to Door County soon and was looking for some restaurants that serve good local/regional seafood like lake perch, walleye, etc. I already know where I'm going for a fish boil so I don't need that. I'm looking for seafood other than that. Thanks.

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  1. Not restaurant but it is a fish store/smokehouse buy the smoked chubs and whitefish at Charlies Smokehouse in Gills Rock I believe it is seasonal call first.

    Many traditional Friday night fish fries,it is a local personal preference. We have been going to Sister Bay Bowl since the fifties. Go Bowllng while you wait for table w

    Sister Bay Bowl
    10640 N Bay Shore Dr, Sister Bay, WI 54234

    1. Not sure if they hae "local" fish. But, we have had great meals at Harbor Fish Market in Bailey's Harbor. I just cannot abide the fish boils............... Just a lot of tasteless fish.......... In my humble opinion,.

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        "I just cannot abide the fish boils"

        I totally agree. It beats me as to why they are so popular.

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          I have never tried a fish boil so I will give it a go once. Given what you and others have said about fish boils being tasteless I'm surprised that the Wisconsin fish fry tradition didn't displace the Door County fish boil tradition.

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            I wouldn't diss the fish boil like others have. First, it's whitefish, which is a very mild fish to begin with, and it's a preparation that doesn't add a lot of spices. It's very fresh and I think it's quite good. Second, it's fun to watch them throw the fish into the kettle and cook it. Third, it's a local specialty, for the fun as well as the food, so you may as well go and see what it's all about. Try it!

            1. re: EdgeCityDweller

              "I have never tried a fish boil so I will give it a go once."

              I think that is a smart thing to do. I'm a try anything once kind of person and you may end up really liking it or at least doing something unique and having some fun. Having fun is what Door County is all about.

              And you will defintely find the typical Wisconsin fish fry there as well. Everywhere from taverns to even the nicer restautants serve a Friday fish fry. You may have to do some investigating to find something like local bluegill or perch though.

              Have fun.

          2. Door County (I am assuming you mean the Door County in Wisconsin) has plenty of restaurants that serve seafood but sadly most of it is not locally sourced. The visitors from Illinois want Maine Lobster, Pacific Tuna, Alaskan Salmon, etc. so that is what the vast majority of restaurants serve. I seem to recall though that White Gull Inn had at least a couple of items like Wisconsin perch and walleye.

            Have a good trip!

            White Gull Inn
            4225 Main St, Fish Creek, WI 54212

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            1. re: Sailing77

              >> (I am assuming you mean the Door County in Wisconsin)

              That is the only Door County in the United States, and I am not aware of another Door County elsewhere, either.

              1. re: nsxtasy

                It is good to know that we are all on the same page then. Thanks!

              2. re: Sailing77

                Yes, I mean the Door County in WI.

                After doing some searching on my own, I have come to the same conclusion. It's too bad they don't realize what they have got just a few miles away in Lake Michigan and Green Bay. I'm not a locavore but I appreciate being able to sample local cuisine and local foods when I go somewhere.

                Thanks to everyone for your responses.

                1. re: EdgeCityDweller

                  The Whistling Swan in Fish Creek tries to have local offerings on their menu. You could check them out

                  1. re: Living4fun

                    Whistling Swan and White Gull are favorites of mine as well!

              3. Many restaurants in Door County have exactly what you're looking for. The most common locally sourced fish is whitefish. Fish boils serve whitefish, and you can get it broiled or fried at other places. Try the Greenwood for broiled or fried whitefish, especially on nights they have specials. Perch is easy to find, but it's most likely not local. Perch has been fished out of local waters for many years. Try the Sister Bay bowl for deep fried perch and the Cornerstone for pan fried. I know the Greenwood and Cornerstone also serve walleye.