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May 25, 2011 09:08 PM

JB's BBQ Brewster Is Out Of Bizzness

Good luck Bobby in whatever your next venture may be!

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  1. Damn. I wish him the best.

    1. ok time to hop onto rte 22 north for about 15 miles to wingdale and big W for the best bbq in the in entire hudson valley area

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      1. Big W's way over smoked.......Holy Smokes in Mahopac best in Hudson Valley

        1. re: ryanallday

          I will never go back to Holy Smokes. The place was filthy. We sat by a window and there were ants crawling all over the window sill and wall.

          1. re: doberlady

            i dont know if you went on a bad day or what but i've been there 10+ times and I think its very clean.

            theres a new BBQ place on rt 9 near the 301 intersection anyone try it?

            1. re: ryanallday

              I went there last year and enjoyed it, I think it opened last summer or something because I went last September I believe. I honestly forget what I was likely either pulled pork or ribs. I do remember really enjoying the mac & cheese as a side, it was very creamy and had some green chilis in it to kick it up a bit. Lone Star? I think that's what it's called? Has anyone tried Munk's in Fishkill, which is just a smoker on the northbound side of Route 9?

              1. re: Solstice444

                I passed by it the other day and it's called something like Texas BBQ. I think the sign is new, so maybe it has a new name. (this is the place next to the hardware store on Rte. 9 near the 301 intersection). Still haven't tried it.

                  1. re: Roadfoodfan

                    Oh that's too bad...I wanted to try it, so he was only open for a few months then.

                1. re: ryanallday

                  if you're talking about roundup bbq, it's not new, I tried it last year, the owner is trying hard but I was underwhelmed and IMO overpriced for the quality.

              2. re: ryanallday

                I've eaten at both places (big w and holy smoke) 5+ times. I'd really like holy smoke to be better since it's a lot closer but I just don't see one dish at holy smoke that is better than big w. On a good day, big w would win the brisket category at bbq contests.