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May 25, 2011 08:02 PM

need dinner idea, no oven, only stove top (electric)

Hi everyone!
My SO and I are having someone to dinner Friday and my oven is broken. I have a new range on order but it is not here yet.

We are vegetarian, and don't feel comfortable cooking meat for anyone else to consume since we have no sense of quality control.

Unfortunately, there is no outdoor grill available.

So: vegetarian, stovetop cooking only. Preferably extremely simple.

I was thinking vegetarian sandwiches, quinoa salad, and some other appetizer-type things like olive tapenade, hummus, veggies, chips, etc. But our guest likes to eat, and I'm not sure this will satisfy.


thanks in advance!

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  1. Perhaps a Broth based vegetable stew (chinese 5 spice maybe). Serve it with boiled rice and pan toasted sesame seeds to garnish.

    1. I love apps as a meal, but if you're not sure it will work for your guest, what about a risotto?

      1. I must say that I would likely order out under those conditions. Even if the stove comes in time, it takes a while to get used to a new stove. The main thing is to enjoy getting together, so carry out or no cook dishes would seem in order. I am not a vegetarian, but I would be fine with the sandwiches and salads etc. too.

        1. +1 for risotto. pasta is obviously an option as well.

          other ideas:
          - creamy polenta topped with a hearty vegetarian ragu
          - stovetop mac & cheese
          - frittata

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            +1 on the vegetarian ragu -- I made a mushroom ragout/ragu and served it over polenta, and even the teenaged boy who was eating with us dived in with gusto...and didn't complain about a lack of meat, as the mushrooms have a meaty texture, and the slow cooking with wine means it's more than savoury enough for any carnivore.

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              A trilogy of salads, perhaps? Some flat breads and nice crackers/cheeses to accompany?


              1 Lightly steamed green beans with toasty almonds (protein!?!) and a DELICIOUS shallot vinaigrette

              2 Nigella Lawson's watermelon, feta, mint, black olive salad (and marinated red onion, mint, parsley) -- I agree when she says that it is "utterly fantastic, both savoury and refreshing at the same time" This is unusual and you can dazzle your guests, seriously!

              3 Quinoa or Israeli couscous salad with black beans, mango, cilantro, queso fresco, avocado, even some strawberries and jalapeno

              4 sesame noodles with broccoli and red pepper -- I use bow ties and I have perfected the most divine dressing

              Nigella's watermelon salad:

              and here's something similar to what I do with the mango quinoa:

              Another idea -- Polenta discs all crispy on a griddle or grill pan with some olives, feta, grape tomatoes, basil as a topping would be a great light early summer dinner with a couple of sides -- steamed asparagus or green beans, maybe, or a salad of Boston lettuce, toasted walnuts, berries, gorgonzola, vinaigrette.

            2. We make all our pasta dishes on stove top. Saute any vegetables with garlic, add cream or olive oil and cheese, serve. Tomato sauce made from canned tomatoes, lots of herbs and garlic, maybe olives, caper, raisins and nuts--toss with pasta and feta, goat cheese or other cheese. Brocolli with lots of garlic, olive oil and Romano. Any risotto as has been mentioned. I can cook for a week and never even use the oven so really don't see that as a problem. Now if there is no stove top, well I say order pizza, make a wonderful salad and make sure you have lots of wine!