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May 25, 2011 07:36 PM

Local Favorite for Lobster Roll in Halifax

I went to Halifax a couple of years ago without much research and ended up eating a couple of lobsters rolls that weren't very good. One was from Murphy's and the other was from a stand not far from Murphy's. I'm going back to Halifax later this year and I only have one lunch. Where is the best lobster roll?

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  1. Anything at Murphy's is guaranteed to be pretty crummy, so your experience is no surprise.

    The only good lobster roll I've had in Halifax is likely pretty far away from where you'd be. It was from Fredie's Fantastic Fish House which is out in Bayers Lake Business Park. Fredie's is a little place on a side street and has zero ambiance, but makes some great fish and chips and what has to be the best lobster roll in town - I ate the lobster roll and then had a bunch of excess lobster that wouldn't fit into the roll itself to finish.

    Fredie's Fantastic Fish House
    Halifax, NS, Halifax, NS , CA

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      How's the Waterfront Warehouse? I love steamed and fried clams in addition to lobster and they have everything there. I remember walking by there before and it looked very nice.

      1. re: Worldwide Diner

        I have never had a good experience at Waterfront Warehouse. Seemed like it was a well-designed tourist trap, although nowhere near as bad as Murphy's on the Water, the ne plus ultra of Halifax tourist traps. Service spotty, food mediocre. But it has been years since I have been there so maybe it's improved.

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          Well we're tourists and they sure have the perfect location to spring a trap on us! This time we'll be arriving by ship and need some place within walking distance. Any other suggestion? What else should we get if not lobsters? We're also going to St. John so we'll probably get our fresh lobster fix there.