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May 25, 2011 06:56 PM

Looking for recomendations: Cheap, great eats / drinks in Rome!

I'll be spending a few days in Rome with some friends (a group of 25 year old guys and girls) and are looking for some recommendations of where we can stuff our faces with great Italian food for a good price. Fine dining is not neccesary!
Also, any fun, cheap (open bar would be AWESOME) bars would be great (for example- we heard of this ice bar where you buy one shot, get 4 free on some nights!)

Thanks tons!

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  1. Even though this is not really the place to ask for places to 'stuff your face' and 'open bars'.....I'll take some pity on your and try to suggest a few things. :)

    The Ice Bar is on Via Madonna dei Monti and is really the in place to go...for 16 and 17 year olds who want to get really drunk. (trust me, I know of which I speak) Yes, you get many shots, but of what? It's questionable.

    A better bet would be to hit some of the happy hours that are located in the bars around Campo dei Fiori. There are also some bars that offer pretty substantial buffets during happy hour, so you can get fed at the same time.

    Pizza is going to be your friend. Besides the many places already discussed on this board, I'd suggest Bir & Fud, which also has great beers.

    Even though we usually don't link to off site discussions, I'm going to paste a link to a fantastic post on the best traditional pizzerias in Rome. It's in Italian, so you might not get the gist of it, but it has links and addresses to the best, most of which are conveniently located:

    Have a great trip!