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Abe and Louis

Really not into the big steak house thing. Any favouirtes on the menu as we are invited to a celebratory dinner. The swordfish chop reads well, if available. Anything else that really stands out? including the steak and lamb options? Thanks

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  1. Not really into the steak house thing myself, but I do like Abe & Louies. The atmosphere is not stuffy, service is great and they do just as well with the seafood side of the menu. At one point, and it may still be the case, you could order from the seafood menu from Atlantic Fish. The best thing on the menu in my opinion is their hot fudge sundae. They definitely make the extra effort with the fondue style Belgium chocolate to add as you like and the toasted almonds.

    Abe & Louie's
    793 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

    1. I love Abe and Louies. Admittedly I like good steak houses, but like Peg says, it doesn't have that heavy whisky and testosterone feel to it.

      I'd order a steak. Their steaks are outstanding.

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        Any fave steak CHamster? Butter? Sauce? Wellington?

        Thanks peg and ch

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          My favorite steak is the simple NY strip. The bone-in filet is very popular, though.

          Sauce: Portobello Demi-glace is yummy

          Shrimp cocktail is excellent and their desseerts are very good

      2. I like A&L for brunch or lunch, but am not a huge fan of their dinner. If someone else chooses it I like their prime rib, bone in cut. I find the cooking and seasoning of their steaks very uneven. I once split the porterhouse with a DC and enjoyed it. The last time I had the bone in ribeye I found it mushy in texture, not a great piece of beef.

        1. The one time I ate there, I got the swordfish...and it was amazing.

          1. The crackling pork shank

            1. Had their Jumbo Crab Cakes, Shrimp Cocktail and the Salmon Filet, all were excellent.

              1. My only gripe and it's small at best... is that it can be LOUD.

                Business dinners can be tough there.

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                  I understand why people like this place - it's lively, it's not stuffy at all - was surprised at all the young, lithe model types eating steak....

                  But honestly the quality of the food was a little meh, for the price. I had the Tuscan aged strip medium rare and I thought it was pretty bland - I kept dunking it in the sauce with the roasted peppers that came with it. Otherwise, it would have needed serious seasoning. Many of the potatoes that came with this preparation were hard and undercooked.

                  I will say that the chowder was excellent and one DC had the soup du jour - lamb vegetable - and loved it.

                  Also agree that it can be very loud - was hard to hear across a table of 4 - some spots are surely louder than others, though and we were in an exposed location.

                  Finally, I was little bit surprised not to see more good bourbons on hand.

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                    I cometely agree about the seasoning. If you want to use sauce that's fine. However, with a good piece of beef, one shouldn't HAVE to use it.

                2. Enjoyed the bone-in rib eye but I would place another vote for the swordfish chop. You can get a good steak in many places.

                  1. My favorite is the "Shrimp & Scallops Louis". They are marinated and grilled, and served with the best jasmine rice in the city. Delicious! Very good wine list.

                    1. Don't forget to order the 7 layer chocolate cake for desert. Really, really good!!!
                      Enjoy that too,

                      1. Another "not into the steak house thing" vote here, but when I went recently, the bone-in Filet Mignon was really good, the hash browns are a yummy side, and the wine list is fantastic.

                        1. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply.

                          I had the swordfish chop which was mostly wonderful although the basting sauce could be cloyingly salty with the rice and some bites of fish. Half of that lovely piece of fish is in my fridge right now. I would love to see a more creative kitchen take a stab at their own interpretation. I've never seen a chop offered and thought overall it was a real treat. Has anyone seen this cut offered elsewhere in MA or NY?

                          My husband had the bone in ribeye. Cooked perfectly, although I found it underseasoned he thought it was great and would order it again. Stuck with the occasional dunk of demiglaze rather then other sauces or cheeses. The cheese will be added when I make a decadent steak and cheese with the leftovers and a really lovely blue we bought at Fermaggio a few days ago.

                          Only apps were the clam chowder which was pedestrian, and the FrOnion soup which was excellent and worth returning for. None of the sides stood out for me.

                          The highlight of the evening was Sam our waiter and his team. He approached the table with a very relaxed professional style the one doesn't find enough these days. He introduced himself, told us that water and bread were on the way, offered us a wine list and gave us a few minutes to get settled to tell us about the evening specials. He had the perfectly relaxed pace when it comes to ordering.

                          And order we did. He asked if he could help us edit our order as in his humble opinion we had ordered too many sides and if we changed our mind most would only take a few minutes to order.

                          My husband ordered the wine - 2 approachable blends. He chose a DuckhornParradux which never dissappoints at $85 and another red Abbot's Table at about 50. The sommalier came with the bottles and served either to each guest while briefly explaining each wines virtues.

                          For dessert, the table shared a blueberry pie which was fine but not exceptional, the cookies with chocolate fondue and the dipped strawberries. I recalled the advice of hot sundae and choc cake, but it was all just too much!

                          Perhaps we will return for a lunch of salad and onion soup and one of those desserts next time!

                          Again, thank you for the kind suggestions.

                          PS The one caveat of the night was seeing some members of the Lightening dining two tables over. Thankfully it was during our dessert course. We tried to bribe the staff to send them a tainted seafood tower for us. We also dared each other to suggest local golf courses they might be interested in on Saturday afternoon!!!

                          GO BRUINS!

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                            We went to A&L for Sunday lunch a few weeks ago and had Sam as our waiter. I agree -- professional yet friendly and relaxed -- he really made our afternoon!

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                              It's unreal how sam remembers names. You could be there once every 6 months and he will remember your name.

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                              The swordfish chop is the invention of David Burke from his Park Avenue Cafe days. When you ordered one you'd get a little tag with its number on it. You can only get two chops out of each fish.

                            3. The French onion soup is quite good, and I like the crab cake as well. Huge with big chunks of crab, and no filler