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May 25, 2011 05:27 PM

Redd's In Rozzie

I ate at Redd's in Rozzie last week. It replaced Geoffrey's which was always staffed with really nice people serving fairly average food. The menu is a lot more interesting at Redd's and is also a notch more expensive. The inside is much the same (of course), but the booths are now along the wall and there are cafe tables under the windows- basically a mirror image of the previous layout. They have also added a window into the kitchen area from the dining room which is a nice touch. The waitstaff was very friendly and attentive. The drinks menu has some great sounding choices and the one drink I did have was delicious (Goslings Rum, cointreau, lime and maybe orange juice?). The food is southern tinged comfort food. Both entrees we had were excellent. While there isn't a kids menu, they will make variations of menu items on demand (grilled cheese, pasta, etc...) From a food perspective, this place is a big improvement over Geoffrey's.

There was a faint hint of polyurethane in the air, but now that it's been nice for a few days, I'm sure that has completely aired out.

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  1. I saw the menu. What did you have? Do you know if they get their meat from Tony's meat market next door?

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    1. re: gourmaniac

      I had the roasted chicken (super tasty) and parsnip soup (also great). I don't know about Tony's but they appear to be very focused on local food suppliers based on the associated blog.

      1. re: BarryP

        Hope they don't source from Quality Meat Market (and I doubt they do), if the article in the local paper is true. Apparently QMM got a delivery of lamb from an unrefrigerated truck with less than ideal temperatures. The picture of the "van'o'carcasses" was priceless.

        1. re: mathteacher

          SERIOUSLY - that was one of the most vile photos I've ever seen - can you imagine having eaten meat from there?