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May 25, 2011 04:54 PM

Talula's Garden ... help me decide

Hi, I've seen few postings on Talula's Garden. I used to love Django's way back then. What do you think of Talula's garden? Any outstanding dishes? Things you didn't like? Thanks.

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  1. It's excellent. I recommend it very highly. Of course, you should enjoy some of the cheese selections, as this is one of their specialties.

    1. You should go. We went tonight and tried one of the cheese plates (the 4-cheese 'rare' selection, forget what the actual name of the plate was), plus the rabbit and soft shell crab 1st courses. All were delicious, and the place is beautiful.

      1. I have a reservation for Sunday night to celebrate an engagement. Anyone been recently?

        1. As to be expected our meal was of very high quality. A few complaints though: my appetizer portion was so small (I mean really, really small---I didn't think anything could be sliced so thin) I thought it was a joke. The waiter even seemed to be smirking when he served it. Or was that just my imagination?

          They also toss a dash of salt on everything before it leaves the kitchen so the meal was way too salty. We had sodium burn for hours afterwards. I would ask them to skip that step. With fresh flavors like this they don't need all the salt.

          Overall it was decent and worth a try for the experience but I would not go back.

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            What did you order? Anything you wish you tried but didn't?