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May 25, 2011 01:51 PM

Wellington Pub, Troy MI

Went for lunch and the very large place was empty. Seemingly good beer selection for an English style pub so that's a plus (not for lunch though).

Classic pub grub menu including shepard's pie ($15). I had French Onion soup. The broth was very good. Deep mahogony,well seasoned, reasonable onions, good portion size. Mozz cheese topping but it seems that if the place sell pizza most do that instead of Gruyere.

"Thin" steak sandwich was really a sliced roast beef sandwich with melted cheddar and mushrooms. I couldn't even add enough salt to get the meat to taste like beef. Although the texture was okay it really had no appeal on the taste scale.

Even though it's close to home, I will only go back for a beer. Good tv setup so it might be fun to watch a lions game there.

Wellington Pub
1129 E Long Lake Rd, Troy, MI 48085

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  1. $15? For Shepherd's stinking Pie?!?!?!?!? Fifteen US American dollars?

    Does it come with a side of an 8oz. ribeye steak or something? I mean, wow...

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      1. re: JanPrimus

        I'll totally spot that I'm frugal, but dude: Mary Brady didn't charge $15 for her Shepherd's Pie, and not only did hers come with a kickin' side salad and bread, but I'd lay odds that it was far better than whatever Wellington's kitchen is putting out.

        Oddly, Mary's Shepherd's Pie was one of my least favorite things I've ever eaten at DJBs. I ate it, but I'd never get it again. It was that very rare animal: a disappointment at DJBs. Still, Shepherd's Pie is the very definition of common food, like meatloaf. It's cheap, it's easy-to-make, and there's practically nothing to warrant anywhere near a $15 price tag...*anywhere*, no matter if it has ground beef, lamb, or whatever.

        Fifteen dollars for Shepherd's Pie. I think even Comerica Park might be embarrassed by that, were they to make or sell Shepherd's Pie.