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May 25, 2011 10:42 AM

Styer's Terrain Cafe in Glen Mills?

Would like to go to Styer's but it's a bit of a hike for me. Was thinking of getting a friend or SO to go with me and having a meal out there to entice them to keep me company. Any thoughts on the cafe there?

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  1. I am wondering the same thing. I wonder if anyone would be able to comment on Styer's Terrain Cafe or other good food options near here.

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      We went to Styer's Garden Cafe last spring and really enjoyed ourselves. The setting is delightful...the restaurant is in a greenhouse and makes for a very pleasant atmosphere. It sort of feels like being in a Martha Stewart photo shoot and since that is pretty far from my normal reality, it was a special treat! For the meal, I remember they served bread baked in flower pots with a sage / honey butter that we liked so much that we took home the leftovers. We enjoyed our entrees...the entire menu was appealing, but I think we were sold on some of the sides. Very attentive service. We made early reservations and allowed time to browse the store before dinner...the store is again very Martha Stewart-ish but it is fun to look! We actually combined the trip to Styers with a visit to Yellow Springs Farm to visit with the baby goats and buy some goat cheese. It is not very close to Styers, but the 2 destinations in Chester County made for a nice day trip from Philly. We called ahead to Yellow Springs to let them know we wanted to stop by. I would certainly say that the Styer's Cafe would be worth the trip!

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        Thanks for the great review, refinnej. A friend went for brunch last year and really enjoyed it. I love the idea of combining it with a trip to Yellow Springs Farm.