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May 25, 2011 09:31 AM

Desserts by Milly St. Petersburg

Does anyone know if Desserts by Milly is still in business in St. Petersburg. I need to order a dessert for a BBQ this weekend and the number I have is disconnected.
Alternatively, any recommendations for soul food type desserts in St. Pete? Thinking fruit pies, cobblers or classic cakes.

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  1. google is your friend

    Desserts By Milly

    Milly Taylor (727) 822-0445

    Email Milly started up with blueberry crisp, apple, cherry, and sweet potato pie. She’s since expanded her line to include ever-changing flavors of cakes, an assortment of breakfast breads, a wide variety of fresh cookies, and more.

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    1. re: rhnault

      Thanks but I tried both the phone number and email link there with no reply earlier. I may try them in person at the market Saturday but worry that they aren't in business.

      1. re: fdobbs1

        I have been looking for Milly at the Saturday Morning Market for months, but she hasn't been there. I'm afraid that she has gone out of business.

        1. re: debbed

          I'm sorry to hear that. Her desserts were awesome.

          1. re: fdobbs1

            I completely agree. I will especially miss her hummingbird cake, and the coconut cake. Those were my go-to "breakfast" many times at the Market. The new stand that has replaced Milly (as far as booth location is concerned) is a cupcake place. Bleh.