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May 25, 2011 08:41 AM

Urgent - Need advice for tonight En Mets fais ce qu'il te plait in Lyon

I've not been able to find any reviews for this restaurant on CH. Reviews on other sites are decidedly mixed. I'll never live it down with DH if it's a disaster. We are tentatively planning to go this evening -- i.e., in about 3 hours. My understanding is that the food is inventive but the space and service minimal. Good food will trump modest atmosphere and service but I'd like to be sure on the food. Any advice?

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  1. Is it new? I'm not familiar with it. Where in Lyon is it located?

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    1. re: ChefJune

      No, it's a few years old. Here is a review from Simon Says: It was mentioned as a possibility by a poster on Lyons restaurants on another CH thread. If you don't know it, CJ, you are reinforcing my doubts about going.

      1. re: masha

        I just checked out Simon's thread. It doesn't look like the kind of place I like to go to in Lyon. I usually like to eat more traditionally, and it looks very Japanese. I can get that in New York!

        Truly, the only place on his list that I've been to is Bocuse. Keep putting off trying LeBec, because I haven't heard enough good about it to want to spend that kind of money there.

        Where else have you been/are you dining in Lyon? Are you interested in more traditional Lyonnaise fare? perhaps updated/lightened?

        1. re: ChefJune

          CJ - I just made a reservation at Magali & Martin, instead. It looks very good from all the reviews on CH and elsewhere. And I checked out the space in a walk past yesterday, but the dinner menu was not yet up; atmosphere is not paramount but it's still nice.

          So far we've been to Daniel & Denise, Brasserie Leon de Lyon, Le Sud, and La Tassee (as well as some forgettable places because it was Sunday). Husband vetoed La Voute de Lea. Les Abrets, where I wanted to dine, is full tonight.

          Thank you for your very prompt assistance on all of this.

          1. re: masha

            I've heard good things about M&M.. will be checking them out this fall.

            I'm sorry your husband vetoed La Voute. It's one of my favorites. Their Lyonnaise Salad is the stuff dreams are made of! and I love Chef Rabatel.

    2. It's good pretty traditional French. I wasn't overwhelmed, but I did think it was good and very fairly priced.

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        Indeed Katsumi Ishida's cooking is a nice combination of Japanese bases and French skills, or the other way round. He has a good way with seafood. I wouldn't avoid it.
        I would avoid Bocuse and his brasseries before I would Ishida.

      2. I missed your post and am now too late! If you are still here, do try Le Potager des Halles in the premier for lunch today (or dinner if you can). It is absolutely excellent value for money and remains one of my favourite restaurants in Lyon. I had dinner here on Friday and there's a wonderful terrace outdoors; it's opposite the Fresque. I had never heard of En Mets but it's out a little way, which might explain it. Was it good? Another excellent place is L'ourson qui boit, but you do need to make reservations a long time in advance as it's so small. shame you missed the excellent brunch at Rue Le Bec on Sunday!

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        1. re: EatDrinkLyon

          EDL - Thanks. It was too late for me to try any of your recommendations, but my husband was still in Lyon so I forwarded your advice to him, along with a link to your blog.

          We didn't go to En Mets. As mentioned upthread in response to Chef June, we cancelled that reservation and booked at Magali & Martin instead. Enjoyed it a lot. I am in the process of posting my comments for all of the places where we ate in Lyon. So far, I've posted a "part 1" and "part 2." M&M will be in "part 3."

          1. re: EatDrinkLyon

            EDL - On the strength of your recommendations, husband did in fact eat at Comptoir de Thomas and Potager des Halles. He really liked the food at PDH, and was glad he went. Thought food as Thomas was just fair and overpriced. I wasn't there, so do not know the details.

            1. re: masha

              PDH never disappoints really. I was there two weeks ago and it was excellent. Shame about Thomas. However I can understand why he might think it was overpriced - we did at first. But, Thomas only uses the *very* best produce and it is all carefully sourced and prepared to order. We haven't had a bad meal there in three years and have probably been over a dozen times now.
              Glad he enjoyed PDH though.