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May 25, 2011 08:41 AM

Parsippany Area

Need a nice, but not too formal, restaurant for a business dinner in a couple of weeks. Client will be staying at the Sheraton. Suggestions?

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    1. re: fourunder

      Those are two good choices. Also consider Eccola on Rt 46. It's very close to the Sheraton.

      1. re: briansnat

        I have two different people tell me that they thought Eccola has been downright terrible lately; ymmv.

        And while it's not something I normally complain about, I found Tabor Road Tavern to be VERY noisy; I'd recommend you go to their sister restaurant, which is literally in the same parking lot--more upscale, better for a business dinner, imo--it's called Grato.

        1. re: briansnat

          Haven't been to Eccola in about 2 yrs -- but last time I was there, it was good and not noisy. Maybe it's changed. I don't know. Maybe it gets noisy when it's crowded. I don't know.

        2. re: fourunder

          I second Forunder's choices. I've always found Eccola to be loud.

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