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May 25, 2011 07:46 AM

Making pulled chicken ahead of time?

I was thinking of making pulled chicken sandwiches for my Memorial Day barbecue, with a vinegary sauce. If I smoke and pull the chicken the day before, will it still be as good the next day? And should I mix it with the sauce beforehand, or when serving? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. I wouldn't put any sauce with a high vinegar content on beforehand- although you should be using small amounts, the vinegar is still going to affect the texture of the meat.

    1. I brine, rub , inject then smoke. After smoking let rest and then pull. It will keep several days in the fridge after pulling. Reheat on low in either a crock pot or dutch oven and I usually use some of the the extra unused vinegar based mop sauce at that time to keep moist.

      Sauce made ahead is fine too. I always serve the sauce warm and on the side, but that's just me.

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        Thanks, jjrfoodie. Do you do whole chickens? I was thinking of just doing thighs. But maybe whole is better....

        1. re: cathyeats

          I always do whole birds.

          Clean , remove giblet bag, and then truss. Brine if I have the time.
          Then towel dry, inject and then dry rub.
          Usually shove a halved peeled onion and half an orange in the cavity.

          Smoke on either my elec. Brinkmann or traeger til 160 to 165 at breast.

          Birds from last year pic links below.

          Smoking at 225 to 250 yields a limp skin thus I do whole birds. If you bump your temp up to the 325 to 350 range you'll get crisp skin but less smoke and faster cook time.

          Bird, small shoulder and large shoulder on rack below:

          Two birds from another day pulled from smoker and resting until pull time:

          Yum-O! :-)