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May 25, 2011 07:40 AM

Solo Dining - One Night only

Hey All. I'm gonna be in NYC for one night only, this Friday.
I'll be staying around 63rd and 1st.

I was looking for a place to eat by myself, preferably sitting at a bar. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

I've seen lots of suggestions further downtown, but was looking for something within walking distance of where I'm staying.

I'm open for any type of food, although probably don't want to do fine dining.


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  1. You're in a neighborhood with lots of single people who eat in all the local restaurants - at tables. Did you want a bar just because you wanted someone to talk to, or because you think singles at a table aren't quite the thing?
    Within walking distance you have all the usual: French, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, etc.
    What's your pleasure? What's you budget?

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    1. re: Jane A.

      Just looking for someone to chat with at a bar.
      As for cuisine, not interested in chinese. Just want a place with good food, nice ambiance. Budget not an issue, although not looking for a multiple course degustation experience.

    2. Ma Peche is a great place for solo dining. They have nice bar seating where you can watch the chefs prepare seafood platters (the raw bar). Food is French-Vietnamese and delicious!

      Ma Peche
      15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

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      1. re: ellenost

        Thanks. The menu there looks really good. Is it tough to get a spot at the bar? Is there anything I must order if I go?

        1. re: sgold002

          There are few seats in the Ma Peche raw bar but if you do get lucky, pretty much everything on the menu is great. The bar on the main floor is much more spacious but serves a limited menu, which might actually be sufficient depending on your appetite. I frequently have lunch there and find that ordering two items is more than enough.

          Another option one block south on 55th is the bar at Benoit, or The Modern Bar Room on 53rd. Both restaurants are also located between 5th and 6th Avenues.

          The Modern
          9 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

          60 West 55th Street, New York, NY 10019

          Ma Peche
          15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

          1. re: sgold002

            I've had dinner many times at Ma Peche (both seated solo at the raw bar-there are 4 or 5 seats that are well-padded and at a table), and I love all of their food. They have fish, steak, chicken, foie gras terrine, wonderful veggies, and dessert. My favorites are the steak--always a perfect medium-rare with delicious rice fries, all of the veggies, foie gras terrine, squid salad, crab--need to return soon for dinner to try some of the new dishes. I've always found their service to be very friendly and attentive. Love their cocktails; the Seven Spice Sour is my favorite. Hope you have a great time.

          2. re: ellenost

            I have to disagree. The bar at Ma Peche is tiny, and every time I've been there the bar has been empty. And yes, I am talking about the rawbar thing downstairs.

            I would choose somewhere else as a solo diner.

            Plus the last time I was there service was atrocious.

            Ma Peche
            15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

            1. re: gutsofsteel

              I'm not sure I understand this.

              I eat at the bar bar -- not the raw bar -- at Ma Peche all the time. There are always other people there, but I can almost always get a seat.

              I agree that the tiny raw bar is usually empty. But I don't see why anyone would particularly want to eat there.

              Ma Peche
              15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

              1. re: Sneakeater

                I agree with you - but ellenost was suggesting this raw bar as a good place for a solo diner, and I disagree with her.

                1. re: gutsofsteel

                  I've always enjoyed sitting at the raw bar when I've dined solo at Ma Peche. I find it interesting to watch the chefs prepare the seafood platters. I do, however, prefer sitting at a table at Ma Peche, but the OP is looking for bar seating.

          3. Seasonal has a comfortable bar.

            132 West 58th Street, New York, NY 10019

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            1. re: Wilfrid

              Seasonal is a good suggestion - nice atmosphere, good food.

              1. re: gutsofsteel

                On this I agree with gutsofsteel completely.

                1. re: Sneakeater

                  I, too, agree that Seasonal's food is delicious, and the atmosperics are very pleasant. Although we did not eat at the bar either time we've been there, we did chat with the bartender during our first visit and found him to be very aimiable.

                  Seasonal photos (including the bar):


                  1. re: RGR

                    Seasonal sounds interesting. Thanks for all the suggestions.

              2. re: Wilfrid

                I've been to Seasonal several times recently after not having gone for some time and have found the food consistently excellent, and the bar is very nice. It's a good 20 minute walk from where you are staying, though.

              3. I also think a sushi bar, like Yasuda's might be perfect, because solo diners at the bar are pretty common, and the bar is probably the best dining in the house.

                Sushi Yasuda
                204 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017

                1. i have never found a place in NYC that was anything but lovely to solo diners. so go where you most desire