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May 25, 2011 07:37 AM

Quick dash into Paris with handicapped person

'My father and I will pass through Paris, staying at Sheraton CDG. Rather than stay at the airport all night, I would like to take him on the train into the city for dinner. Limitation: his recent foot surgery and diabetes. Can anyone recommend a nice area with a few bistros that is easily reached by train/metro? Near a landmark would be a bonus, but not necessary as we both enjoy people watching.

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  1. From the CDG airport you can take the Roissybus which takes you directly to the Opéra area.
    The Opéra-Madeleine 'hood has a lot more restaurant options and other points of interest for travelers, esp one with some mobility issue.
    Getting on and off the aircon bus is much easier and nicer than doing the RER. After the RER you mostlikely need to transfer to the metro. With the Roissybus, you get out right in front of the Opéra Garnier (the old Opéra, not the Opéra Batille). You can take an easy walk to marché St Honoré that has quite a few eateries, including l'Absinthe which used to be good and then went downhill and is supposed to be back in shape. Another walkable restaurant is the dependable bistro l'Ardoise, which is about a 5 minute (slow) walk.
    The Opera Garnier has a very good tour of the interior.
    I highly recommend that you make all the necessary reservations, from resto to opera tour, ahead of time, so that you and your father do not get exhausted walking only to be refused at the door and end up in one of the tourist traps around there.

    Lastly, I seem to remember that one of the major airport-based hotel chains - Sheraton or Hilton - has a free shuttle that picks up guests on avenue de l'Opéra, at the Opéra neighborhood, around 6 or 7pm.

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      Wholeheartedly endorse Parigi's Roissybus to Opera recommendation. I make this transfer every time we visit Paris, and have had no problems even after major hip surgery. In addition, the drivers are patient and will give your father plenty of time to board and dismount. Have a lovely visit.

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        That's probably the best advice in this case.

        For anyone who finds this thread later, if you're in a wheelchair, the RER to the airport is a better choice. If you talk to an agent, they'll arrange with the agents in the other station, and the drivers, to make sure that there's someone with a ramp where you need them, that the driver knows what stops you're getting off at, where you should transfer if you need to, etc. It's a remarkably pleasant experience.

      2. Not sure if this will be fitting, but at least may give you some logistical help. This thread was for someone with 7hr layover in CDG arriving at 8:30am and departing at 3:30pm. Best of luck!