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Ah, the smell of toast

I work for a huge nationally known company that for some reason cannot see its way to building a pantry for the end of the floor where my group sits. To use the pantry on our floor, we have to walk the equivalent of a NYC block (no kidding). That said, we have to make do with what we have in the area where I sit. We have our own Keurig coffee maker and a toaster. Whenever someone makes toast, no matter what time of day it is, people will comment on the smell and how good it is. I have never heard one person complain about the smell of toast. For me, it is a comforting smell. I suspect this is true for others as well. What's more, whenever someone makes cinnamon raisin toast, it's even better. People will come out of their offices as if summoned by the smell of it. It's amazing. Maybe if we pumped the smell of toasting bread into the air of the general populace the world would be a happier place.

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  1. Like popcorn, toast smells amazing when it's done right and horrible when burnt. Someone burns their toast around here it reeks for the rest of the day.

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      Believe it or not...I LOVE the smell of burnt toast! But I hate the smell of popcorn, even when done right.

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        Me too - I adore burnt toast and it's smell!
        Unfortunately in my office the toast was burnt once too often (with automatic calls to the fire brigade) so toast was banned.

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          I also love burned toast ... with butter.

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        Toast and popcorn share one similar quality.

        Their taste never seem to live up to their aroma.

      3. Great post and so true! My first memory is that of cinnamon toast made in the broiler, and I've been fan of toast ever sense.

        1. I wish my smoke alarms were a little more toast-friendly....

          1. The marvelous nutty smell of toasted bread wafting through the air is such a great part of the Good Morning zeitgeist, innit? Love the idea about pumping it into the air. They should do that at hospitals and huge malls too; the world would indeed be a calmer and happier place. :)

            1. I am still waiting for women to start wearing a perfume that smells like bacon and onions cooking together. Instant attraction. I guess I will keep waiting.

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                I don't see bacon and onions on Demeter's list, but the company is famous for their weird scents—including Cinnamon Toast, folks. (As well as Dirt, Lobster, Paperback, Swimming Pool...)


              2. I adore toast and have a toaster at work too...it is very comforting indeed. My mom said my second word (before dada) was to', for toast.

                1. ooh toast. That and fresh coffee can permeate through floors and wake me up!

                  1. Hi,
                    I really don't know what happened when I was a kid (dropped on my noggin',me thinks), but cinn-raisin toast w/Cheez Whiz is awesome...sorry.

                      1. Funny to see this, there's a toaster at work, and for the first time, someone burned toast today. That said, I love toast! Preferably not blackened. I don't have a lot of appliances in my apt, but the first thing I bought was a nice Kitchen Aid toaster!

                        1. I love the smell. That is, I did until yesterday when I smelled smoke instead. Flames were involved. Time for a new toaster, it must have shorted out or something.

                          1. When I was rowing early in the morning, sometimes the smell of toast and bacon would travel about 1/2 mile into the middle of the river and taunt us.

                            1. Yep, there is something about the smell of toast. I don't normally eat toast (for some unknown reason) but as soon as I started nursing I was eating it for morning tea every day with everyone else on their break. It was almost contagious, once one person started toasting, everyone was!